Today’s Black & White Cookie: Something Funny Juxtaposed with Something Sad

Have you ever had a black and white cookie. They are delicious! I don’t really eat much sweets or like eating stuff with chocolate as I am quite chocolatey myself, actually eating chocolate for me is like reverse-osmosis and like most things prefixed with reverse, its a horrible thing (reverse cowgirl, reverse phone look-up – both oddly kind of go hand in hand or well…)

Anyways life always gives us ice cream and horse manure sometimes in that order specifically other times simultaneously while most people would find the ice cream topped manure metaphor of life terrible I find it quite accurate, and not just because I have an off sense of humor that veers towards the scatological. Rather I agree with Umberto Eco where he says:

But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.
Umberto Eco

That’s quite a poignant statement, n’est-ce pas?  I feel that to understand existence on a whole with the mind is impossible, but we each in our own personal lives and professions endeavor to find meaning, to make sense of it all and we in doing so slowly move forward (much better than stagnation) horse manure topped vannilla ice cream waffle cone and all.
With that said then here are two things I never understood:

Something Funny

 I don’t get the Black Eye Peas too much. I think for me its hit or miss. I always felt that was supposed to be a bad imitation of Wyclef Jean. The other two dudes seem strange, weird, and look like they might potentially suffer from fragile X syndrome (it’s a real disease look it up.) Fergie is a fictionalize Rose Kennedy who because of her promiscuity and all over all craziness ran foul of her family but because her family (Fergie’s) was not so rich they did not have her lobotmized like the Kennedy’s did they cast her out. She cements her social outcast status by hanging with negros and other disenfranchised people who because of the nature of their hardships are accepting  tolerant, and love dancing and singing  for others and perpetuating stereotypes.

Something Not Funny At All

This was sad to read. I really feel investing in women globally will effectuate much change. How to do that? I have some thoughts, but I love the fact that three women won the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Maybe that is a sign of change to come?

In many developing countries, having more children at younger ages acts as a safety net as parents age. However, when girls as young as 15 (and younger) are getting married and getting pregnant, there can be serious physical consequences. Pregnancy and childbirth are the #1 killers of girls aged 15-19 worldwide — but as this infographic from The Girl Effect shows, investing just $17 in family planning (as in gynecological and prenatal care for pregnant women) and contraceptives can empower not only individual girls, but their entire communities.

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