Jocular Look @Today’s News: Politician running on coke party platform hands out drugs


When it comes to campaigns, some political candidates hand out badges, others pass out stickers, others give away baggies of cocaine … wait, what? Carme Cristina Lima was running for councillor of her hometown in northern Brazil, and that’s “was” — past tense — since she was busted on Sunday morning while handing out leaflets with instructions on how to vote for her, along with a complimentary packet of coke. “There was a large gathering of people around Ms. Lima, but when they saw the police, they all ran away,” police chief Daniel Ottoni said. “The candidate and another man also fled by car, but officers caught up with them.” See, kids? Winners never use and users never win (because they’re in jail on election day).

MrMary Weighs in

“According to locals, she had been distributing the drugs since early in the morning, on condition that people vote for her.” Ms Lima was arrested for electoral corruption and drug dealing.

At first this didn’t makes sense, then it did. What you may not be aware of is that Brazil seems to breed models. They (female models) seem to just ‘apparate’, to borrow a term from the popular Harry Potter franchise, from the seminal sea foam, but you don’t have to take my word for it: click this link and check it out for yourself.

Complete this Analogy

Models are to cocaine like:

a)_ Sodomy is to Catholic Priests
b)_ Birthdays are to obligatory boring sex
c)_ Nazi Germany was to hospitality
d)_ Exploitation is to Capitalism
e)_ None of the Above

My answer was e-)  Models without cocaine would be just below humanity but above rhesus macaques. While mass media is the opiate of the every day man, models are unique. Having gotten by for years on just looks alone they usually fail to develop the critical thinking and empathetic ability we all take for granted.

Why is this important ?

Many people assert that critical thinking and being empathetic to others are much too much of a burden. The solution therefore is to give the populace what they want in such a way that will buy their loyalties as well  as leave them unable to participate fully in society. In American society we do that in a  subtle manner with cable and increasing the divide with the rich and poor, this politician wanted to do the same but she picked ultimately a bad product. This time at least she couldn’t rely on the free market and willful ignorance to help her out.


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