Jocular Look @Today’s News: Lovelorn millionaire sues matchmakers for 12 years of dating fails


Rich Cocksucker: It’s Not Like I need the Money but hey

In a move sure to endear him to millions of women, a lovelorn Long Island millionaire has sued the matchmakers he hired to make him a match. Even though six different agencies set him up over the past 12 years with 250 women — including a Knicks dancer, surely the zenith of ambition for rich Long Island dudes — securities trader Larry Greenfield says they haven’t done enough to aid him in his search for “a woman who meets his exacting standards: beautiful, thin, smart, Jewish, a sense of humor and from New York — but not an ‘alpha.'” C’mon, ladies, he can’t be that bad. As he puts it, “I haven’t been to prison. It’s very frustrating.”

Mr Mary Weighs In

I have nothing against rich people. This guy is a cocksucker though. At no point did he say, maybe I am a douche bag. I notice with a lot of people including myself at times, that when they are facing or dealing with a problem they never ask what is it I am doing to contribute to this ?

Money really can’t buy you love — just ask this picky multimillionaire on Long Island. Lonely securities trader Larry Greenfield, 47, has plunked down more than $65,000 on high-end matchmaking services — all in the hopes of finding his ideal wife. After trying six different agencies over the past 12 years — and seeing 250 women — without success, the bachelor is blasting the expensive dating services as a “rip-off.” But the matchmakers are firing back, saying Greenfield wants women who are simply out of his league.

He spent $65,000  on high end match making services and went out with 250 women! 250 women.  I cannot even name 250 distinct women I have met throughout the course of my life!!!!! The idea here is that the more I pay the better chances of my finding a wife which is bullshit. I think you can rely on a site to just introduce you to people , but if your an unrelenting cock sucker you cant blame them because after dropping $65,000 you still jerking off to pictures of money.

I would feel sorry for the women he ends up marrying, she will be deep down at the root of it, an acquirement, an acquisition.  I spent money and I got this lady simply supply and demand. I would imagine he would lavish her with gifts to get her  to live a certain life style .

Just my two cets


How to spot a rich guy


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  1. LMAO! EXACTLY! after all the only common denominator in these 250 plus relationships is HIM!

    Let’s see 250 ladies divided by 12years is 20.8 women per year or a about one woman every 2.5 weeks. Is this guy the real-life Barney Stinson? No, Barney is 2.5 women a week. LOL!


    • I agree I mean geez 250 dates man? thats just fucking unbelievable. Someone needs to slap some sense into this guy. Hope your doing well, did the new position turn out to be cool and ok ?


      • yeah it’s not too bad, but when you work for a company that is hired by another company to contact another company’s vendors a lot of shit gets lost in translation. Meaning? People are retards.


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