My Sister is off to London … Wish her a safe flight

My Younger  Sister , SistahMaryPoppins is off to London and then Aberdeen Scotland. I am happy for her and kind of sad at the same time. Happy because my younger sister is my friend.  I feel many times like I was pops #2 taking care of her. I remember changing her diapers, feeding her, taking her to school, picking her punk ass up from school, trying to cook something for her to eat (she was a picky eater). So I am happy she has the opportunity to travel and expand her horizons. I’m also kind of sad because of the same reason, we are good friends, and we hang out together a lot sometimes together and sometimes with my friends, and other friends  in common.

We also make fun of each other relentless and  usually 80% of the time we are laughing. like tearing up, gut busting laughter, can you leave my store and never come back kind of laughter. Whenever I have a stunt or prank she goes along

Method Acting with My Sister

Here is a picture of me method acting. I am getting read to play some random negro that has no future or hope and will get randomly shot in some climatic moment of the movie, but  armed with a cool dusty old hat, street smarts, and  harmonica I can make magic happen for other people like open doors without keys and find cheap malt liqour

Foolishly trying to Suppress an Epic bout of Laughter

Wish her a safe flight 🙂


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