A Sad Day for the BloggerIdol Contest 2012 & I divulge personal info


Edward Hotspur was eliminated from the 13 finalist from the blogging Idol contest and that really made me sad. His being a part of the blogger Idol contest gave it a legitimacy that is now gone. Let me explain. These below were the top 13 and many of the blogs are quite similar in that they discuss or talk about being a parent or being a parent with a vagina.  Below are some descriptions of the blogs taken from their websites:

  •  I am an elementary school teacher who decided to take some time off to be a full-time stay at home mom to my two boys–a toddler and a preschooler.
  • My name is {Deleted] and I am a father of 11 ……………….. fish and 3 daughters. Way too often my wife and I sit around and talk about parenting. After we are done crying, we laugh. All the emotions and memories inspired this blog.
  • Enjoy my irreverent blog. Share it with your friends. I have just found that raising a teenager, being 50, and having hormonal changes in the entire household is pretty damn funny. And, besides, it’s cheaper than therapy-and she sides with BC all the time anyway…
  • A blog about everything we love written by a team of really cool dudes and a cute lady named Tabi (video games sports, beer – all kinds of guy stuff)
  • I’m a born again princess that loves to write, cook , read, play Rock Band, mountain bike, homeschool my kids,  and amuse myself with the stories of everyday living. I share my fairytale life with my Super Hero husband, Nathan, and our three kids:
  • I’m a mother of 6. I have a growed-up adult spawn, twin teenage girls  a tween , a 7yr old ( Loki The Adventurer) and a toddler. Loki and Sir Snugglemuffin were born via wonderful unassisted VBAC births, with just me and The Daddy-Man present, just like when we made them.
  • My name is Matt, and I live with my family and a giant pile of laundry in Gettysburg, PA.  I gave up my 70 hour work weeks as a manager for a national retailer to be a stay at home dad for my little girl.  For over a year, I have been writing about my experiences on this blog.
  • I have noticed that when something happens in my daily life.It makes more sense to me when I have a cup of coffee in my hand, anyone who knows me, knows this. Coffee talk has always been one of my favorite things. A group of people sitting around drinking coffee and shooting the shit, can lead to some amazing discussions.  I would kinda like that feel here. Interactive. Bring yourself to the table and I will always sit and chat with you.
  • A mothers somewhat sarcastic journey to hipness
  • Just to tell you a little about myself – I’m a reasonably happily married, mom of three, reasonably young boys. I live in every town suburbia and I’m not embarrassed to say I love it. I drive a smoking hot, scratched up minivan generally cluttered with coffee cups, granola bar wrappers and children. I think nothing says hot mama like a 40+ woman in smelly, old gym clothes covered in yogurt and booger, traipsing down the fancy aisles of the supermarket.
  • I have loved to write ever since I made my parents laugh with the letters I wrote them from camp. I do some freelance writing and I am always looking for more work. So if you know a guy or a gal Thanks!
  • I am a 35-year old Brooklynite (by way of Connecticut and Boston) learning to deal with life as a new father and bitching about the ways the new found existence of my son – not to mention the myriad responsibilities surrounding that existence – is destroying my social life.

Observations and Suggestions

There are 3 blogs along with Mr. HotSpurs  who stand out from (The one about man stuff, the coffee talk one.)  Every blog is amazing of the 13 but there is not great diversity in subject matter.  Granted everyone has great style and writing and a really unique approach to talking about parenting which make them so awesome. But the blogosphere is filled with blogs of other  kinds of content which are not represented here. There are pet blogs,  there are news blogs, there are comedy blogs, there are music blogs,  social commentary/sarcasm blogs etc. A suggestion: it might be nice to have 7 categories and then there can be a finalist for each genre and an overall winner etc.

I am not a parent. I almost was once but my son died prematurely and my lady of 9 years afterwards due to the pain, sadness left me to go figure something out.  It’s hard for me to really relate to these blogs and reading through them makes me kind of sad to be honest.  It is because I had fun writing and meeting new bloggers through this competition that I made this suggestion.  I don’t and am not  speaking negatively about any of the bloggers involved. They all have my respect and are cool to read.

I turned 31 not to long ago, I have pets, I like to laugh, when I am not sick and bed-ridden I like to read, write, work out. I work a lot and am close to transitioning to a senior position. I am also a professor at a pretty celebrated university in NYC.  Being an undersexed heterosexual man I enjoy the ladies the same way one does an all you can eat buffet, yes with my face in it it be nice to have a greater range of bloggers and topics next year.

So my flag is at half mast, because I i just had a boner than has gone away and I am wearing basketball shorts, and because my homey Edward Hotspur has been eliminated.

To Mr Hotspur

I salute you!


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  1. Mr. Hotspur’s blog oozes imagination, wit and variety. Perhaps he will be the Jennifer Hudson of BloggerIdol, gaining more readers and fame despite an early exit from the competition. I hope that is the case.


  2. Since people have asked me what I think about what you’ve said here (since I am mentioned)…
    You are incorrect to assume that a woman with children is nothing more than a Mommy Blogger who does not blog about diverse subject matter.Please don’t define a woman by her reproductive status alone.


    • I’m not sure which one you are, but depending on the definition of “Mommy Blogger”, you may have just defined a whole bunch of contestants by their reproductive status alone.

      MrMary is correct about one thing – at least 5 of the blogs mention a parent in the name, and two others mention things that imply parenting (minivans and babies). He does make a non-unnoticed point when he mentions the overrepresentation of parental blogs. And I went deeper than that – I know that most of these blogs are part of parental blog rings, so denial of this fact is futile.

      Also, the blog he described as “the one with man stuff” is actually written by 4 people.

      All this points to what I said in my exit post: What the hell was I even doing as a contestant in that thing? Is this what it feels like to be the “token blog guy”, so to speak?


      • One thing I can tell you, Hotspur, is that you weren’t the wild card. You got into the top 13 because of your audition post, which was one of my faves. I gave you a perfect score.
        True story.


      • I was wondering if there could be like a suggestion box sort of thing for next years competition. I think getting feedback from many other bloggers will only help the contest ? It be nice to know what participants as well as spectators thought about the whole process etc. In the meantime I think really this whole experience has been great Ive met some cool peoples


  3. I’ve said this to the other judges in the competition, so I’m not worried about conflict of interest here, but I wanted to let you know that I was really disappointed that Hotspur got eliminated. I LOVED his audition and read a few of his posts on his blog (I would have read more, but I had 167 auditions to read), and I loved every one of them.
    I’m not sure how he got eliminated, to be honest. I’m guessing he didn’t get enough votes, but I’m not sure how that’s possible when he has such a loyal following.
    You should know that I liked your audition, too, but my opinion wasn’t enough to get you in. I am but one of 15 judges.
    As for your opinions of the original 13. The only one who does write about more diverse subjects is Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind. She may be a mother and does write about her kids sometimes, but more often than not, she writes about much more interesting topics. Politics, Sex, foodstamps, and more sex. She’s good stuff.
    I’m pretty sure everyone knows she’s my pick to win the competition.
    Sorry your buddy got eliminated. I wish he had made it further.


    • Thanks for your comment, its nice to have a new face in the comment section. I think Mr Hotspur is pretty witty and awesome. The blogger of Crazy DumbSaint contacted me. She is pretty awesome and raised a very valid point and i wrote this post in responce: I hope it clarified things. I look forward to seeing how everything plays out. Thank for liking my audition I appreciate.



    • I really appreciate this. I was eliminated on judging. Judges’ scores are worth 2/3 of the overall score. One of the judges had a little trouble with English, which I stated in the exit post. There’s always one asshole judge every round, I’ve noticed. The first time it was Daddy’s In Charge? Hey, look, “Daddy”. Last time it was Daddy Knows Less. Hey look, “Daddy”. He had a problem with photos being centered in one post, even though they were centered in 4 other posts, and even though they are centered on his blog. And the upcoming one has a supposed grammar nazi who had tons of grammatical errors on her blog.

      So I don’t mind getting booted out of a contest that I was a token person in, that is obviously parent-centric, and where some of the judges are hypocritical morons. I don’t mind that some judges simply said they didn’t like my post. That’s an opinion, and that’s judging, folks. What I mind is the judges who criticize from the position of laziness, hypocrisy or ‘do as I say, not as I do’ – and of course, poor reading comprehension.


  4. MrMary, I didn’t realize that you had written this. I thank you deeply for all the nice things you said about me and my blog. The truth is, while I have probably written on every topic at some point (other than politics or religion) (no, wait, Adventures of Mittman and Rybin, so just religion), my blog is not for everyone. But it is for the cool kids.


  5. Honestly can’t believe Edward was eliminated. Don’t get that. His is probably the most diverse blog I read. Hell, I’m a Mommy blogger and know my posts are mostly boring life crap. My vagina and I aren’t ashamed of what we write or our boring life and we’re also not ashamed to admit we’re not near as talented as Edward. FYI – my vagina and I also voted for Edward! Fucked up, man. Really fucked up.


  6. I think the suggestion box is a great idea, mrmary. I think if the other contestants and even readers had been able to see and read all the auditions along with the judges, it would have opened the lines up for more discussion and constructive criticism. This is only the second year for the BI competition, and last year it was started by a chick in Iowa or Idaho or one of the I states. LOL She started it on a whim, and there were 59 auditions, so it was much easier for them to narrow it down to a top 12. This year there were almost 3 times as many. I’m hoping she decides to make more positive changes to the process for next year’s competition.
    Thanks for auditioning, and for keeping an open mind. Peace.


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