Voting a Uniquely American Dilemma: I registered to Vote for the first time

I initially wrote a series on this blog about voting being a unique ideological dilemma for me as an American.  I have never voted before and according to the blogosphere and intelligent people everywhere that made me for lack of a more sophisticated words:

  • an idiot
  • a jerk-off

As a consequence of my diagnosis I have no right to complain when things are not as I would like them to be. Also if you will indulge me it seems I am a sellout to all the blacks that ever died in America because they died for my freedom.  I thought to make a point I would reflect on the nature of …

Majority-Rules Democracy !!!

By its very nature, in a majority rules democracy there is a minority of people that will always not be represented. These are called political minorities and they according to this article on Al Jazeera consist primarily of African-Americans and Latinos. But it also includes Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, Native Americans, and many “other groups”.  All eligible citizens do not have an equal say. Currently there has been some legislature passed by a certain party that makes it hard for certain people to vote i.e. participate freely and fully in the life of their society. Does everyone really have an equal voice ?

Supposedly the freedom of speech, and freedom of press are essential to our democratic process  because they allow citizen even idiotic jerk off ones like me to be adequately informed and subsequently vote according to my own interest. It is sad to say that the media has been really hijacked by I feel sensationalism and isn’t concerned about  adequately informing the public as well as  it is selling papers and making decisions for there.  I quote from the article entitled: Does the Media‘s Romney Comeback Narrative Matter  (click here) that said:

Is what the media says after the debate nearly as important as what viewers get from the debate itself? New York Times polling guru Nate Silver reported something interesting today: An online poll conducted by Google found that people who were asked during last night’s debate who was winning were much less likely to answer “Romney” than people who were asked who had won shortly after the debate. …[……]…What mattered wasn’t just what people saw on TV, but what experts told them they had just seen. And presumably the media’s rendering of the story will matter even more for the many people who didn’t see the debate.

Corporations are people now and they are able to use their lobbying power to influence political policy but thanks to some legislation passed no one has to disclose who gives them money. All these concerns make me question and wonder and I would like to hear your thoughts on things, seriously all my normal crap aside.

Here is my plan

We do not do discourse much in America much except for talking about food ( we are an obese nation after all) and how will we vote for the next best model or singer that was culled from the noxious, incestuous backwaters of America’s vast rural expanses of genetic ineptitude. So I decided I would:

  1.  Register to vote 
  2. Vote this year 
  3. Then see how much my life changed

Results to date:

I have registered to vote. While I wait to vote I thought I would again raise a few issues, that maybe someone would care to share their thoughts on. In the mean time as I prepare to vote I can feel the ghosts  of Negros past slowly allowing me back into their fold to share with me their eternal knowledge of rhythms and beats that have made us such great entertainers for the establishment.

One More Try

[I am not asking these questions to be sarcastic or a jerk I would just like to understand, to hear someone’s opinion other than my own. I am happy to admit I don’t see things so clearly at times and I am extremely cynical of politics. So here are my 3 simple questions to start with]

Question 1: Can someone explain how not voting equals a vote for Romney ? Here is how I visualize this in simple math terms. There is a population of 100  people  60 people will vote. 35 vote for Candidate 1 and 25 vote candidate 2. The 40 people who did not vote do not count towards candidates 2 votes. 3

Question 2:  How effective is voting in regards to creating change long-term change and short-term? Is there a way of measuring it ? I mean we have been hearing a lot about better education since the early 80’s, we vote for people who say they will improve it and to me it is still not that great ?

Question 3: If we all acknowledge that our political system is broken or flawed and is need of repair, how can we continue to use that same broken system to change it?  For examples if my car is in need of repairs, would driving it more make whatever is wrong with the car disappear ?

Please share your thoughts


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