Jocular Look @ Today’s News: Old habit, New Invention: The Hot Tug

You have to hand it to the Dutch, when it comes to giving the world weird and wonderful automotive (and other) creations – they made the Spyker C8, which is one of the maddest-looking cars we have ever seen. Now, they have taken things one step further, by combining the two things they in abundance: water canals instead of roads, and a desire to be relaxed all the time.

For the purpose of both getting around and relaxing, they have created a floating jacuzzi, which is very green because it is powered by electricity – a Minnkota RT160 electric motor, which develops 2.4 kW. It is designed to accommodate between 6 to 8 people, who will bathe in 2,000 liters which are heated by a wood-buring stove – the water temperature can reach a maximum of 38 degrees, more than enough for even the chilliest of Sundays.

The jacuzzi-boat starts at €8,950, for the basic tub,with no extra auxiliaries, while the price for a fully equipped version rises steeply, to €14,950 or €16,450, depending on which of the two battery packs one opts for, called E-Power and E-Power+.

MrMary Weighs In

When I first heard about a hot tug that can warm you up on the coldest day the first thing that came to mind was ok that’s generally what a hot tug is. My friend text me telling me he wanted me to check something out, when I asked what, he said and I quote: “I’m gonna email you a link to a hotTug” to which I replied, aight man, but I’m work Ill have to check out your sister breaking change on camera when Im out the job.” He didn’t find my comment funny and I told him not to worry,  nothing will top the one I made with her where I dug her out like the pockets. He hung up on me.

Turns out the HotTug has nothing to do with the Hot Tug, though a HotTug can set the precedent for a hot tug.

Question of the day

How many of you want a HotTug for Christmas or a birthday to go with probably the mandatory one your spouse has to give you ?

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