I might’ve soiled myself laughing @ Blacks For Romney on Funny or Die

Blacks For Romney

Mitt Romney is tired of polling at 0% among Blacks.
Mitt Romney has had his problems with minorities in particular with black folk but there is still as this video illustrates a small minority of black people that support Mitt. Check it out Click the link above.

Yes, Mitt Romney, You Built That!

by Lawrence D. Elliott

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed President Obama had the support of 94%, of African Americans, while Mitt Romney had the backing of 0%. When I saw those results, I first asked “How the heck does Mitt Romney get no support from African Americans in a political poll?”

It appears the GOP has a serious problem with minority voters. Gee, how did that happen? Could it be the rhetoric coming from the so-called party leaders? Let’s see…

Rick Santorum, former U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania and a 2012 candidate for the GOP President nomination, was caught on video saying, “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

He later claimed he didn’t say “black”, but he actually said, “blah”. Really?

“I don’t want to make blah people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

And there’s Newt Gingrich, another 2012 GOP candidate for the nomination, who routinely insults President Barack Obama as the “best food stamp president in American history”, playing to a long-held stereotype.

He once told a town hall meeting of seniors in Plymouth, N.H., that if the NAACP invites him to speak at its annual convention, he’d go there and talk about “why the African American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”

And let’s not forget about Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Niggerhead Ranch.

And the hits just keep coming. Is anyone really shocked the Republican Party has such a hard time getting support from African Americans or Latinos?

Not to mention the diabolical way they’ve tried to delegitimizing and dehumanize this President. He’s not a man who’s been constitutionally elected to his office, but some unqualified Kenyan socialist who somehow defrauded his way to the highest office of the land. An affirmative action President unworthy of his position.

Whether it’s an image of a watermelon patch growing on the front lawn of the White House or a picture of the President being held as a pet chimpanzee, the base is responding. Need more proof? Just last week, two attendees of the Republican National Convention were thrown out of the convention center in Tampa on Tuesday after throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and saying, “this is how we feed the animals.”

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