How to Prepare for a Jay-Z Concert Hispanola Style

Jay-Z Christens Barclays Center With Tribute to Brooklyn:

Concert Review

“I’ve been on many stages all around the world. I performed at the Grammys. I performed at Glastonbury. I tore Coachella to pieces. Nothing feels like this.” So declared Jay-Z to 18,000 fans after opening with his now 15-years-old song “Where I’m From,” during his pointedly sentimental show to inaugurate Barclays Center. The show represented a pivotal moment for Hova: He not only grew up in the Marcy Housing Projects near the stadium’s location, but also owns a minority stake in NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, for whom the reported $1 billion structure was built.  That makes Shawn Carter the unofficial faceplate for the much-embattled stadium, which has been criticized for uprooting low-income families, jolting neighborhood tranquility, and being a rust-color eyesore. (A modest number of protesters offered a pre-show outside the venue, brandishing snarky signs such as “99 Percent Problems, and this Arena is 1 Percent,” beside even less Occupy protesters reminding us of Rocawear’s “Occupy All Streets” snafu a year back.)

taken from  Simon Vozick-Levinson article here:

How I prepared for the JAY-Z Concert

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Brooklyn enjoys a special reverence which shaped in many ways everyone originally born and raised there. Going to this concert was a coming home from me literally because I grew up in the area and spent good 25 years in a neighboring areas. So many memories! As expected for the eldest son in an immigrant family I spent the majority of my free time since I was 16 working all sorts of jobs and so I missed out on the concert experience.  I jumped at the chance to see JayZ at the new Barclay Arena in Brooklyn. It was an amazing concert, but it was a bit sad I don’t recognize a lot of the neighborhood anymore the  stadium, a slow gentrification has really changed thing. All I have left are memories; the people have died the buildings razed and on top of their ashes stand a new arena  shopping center and massive office building. But more on that later, for now this is how I prepared  for the concert.

Shout Out to El Viejo hit me up with a ticket last minute.
El Quisqueyano valiente

The cloud of reefer smoke from the people in the row behind us was particularly potent and disorienting


Prepared and ironed my clothes  || The Three S’s of every Mans Preparation ||Wonder where all the grays came from and get done up nice

Favorite aftershave of course Pinaud, it’s an old school classic really evocative of barber shops of my youth, the dirty magazine they would have strewn about, the bad mix tapes I heard. I decided to bring out some cologne – felt like  a  an Acqua Di Gio Night.

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Get to the venue on the Subway & Wait for the Magic to Happen with 18,000 friends

End Results

The JAY-Z concert was great: great set, lighting, the band was tight and sound was very assertive (in a good way) to say the least JayZ played all the hits. Really it was phenomenal as can be expected when a dominican and haitian join forces. Many random things happened though that added flavor to the night: (in no particular order)

  1. I got elbowed and stomped repeated by a rhythmless drunk couple that took turns dancing & dry humping each other next to me. These fuck got up from there seats like 6-8  times totally destroyed my sneakers. I remember stepping on someone’s sneakers back in the day was enough to start a fight. (BTW rhythmless people dancing to JayZ  look like they were dancing Gangnam Style.)
  2. The occasional thick clouds of reefer & cigarette smoke made me cough ( not that much of an issue, didn’t expect it to be that much though
  3. This very cute female usher on three separate ocassions drew a blank when I asked how to get to my seat. She eventually held my hand, leaned in close and told me something . Of course I didn’t follow up and work my charm and get season Brooklyn Net Ticket
  4. A random girl while passing in front of me felt up my chest during Jay’s strobe light laced rendition of I think ” Hey Papi !” and rubbed her ass on me on the return trip.

Side note:

All the unsolicited female attention made me ask myself:

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