Jocular look @ Today News: Quebec Superiour Court judge makes Fukyu Bar à Sushi Change its name

The restaurant, “Fukyu Bar à Sushi,” opened in August and, according to its owners, was named after a type of martial art practiced in Japan, the Montreal Gazette reported.However, the three owners were fully aware of the double entendre behind the name, based on comments placed on the Fukyu Sushi Facebook page.

“The name we chose signified ‘Good Fortune’ in Japanese! It also a a Karate stance in the gata form…! Also, it is obviously a play on words! We won’t deny that! LOL We didn’t mean to offend or insult anybody, in fact, we found it hilarious and thought it was reflective of our open-mindedness and creativity, just as is in the food that we offer.” The owners also claimed on Facebook that the maki rolls were originally supposed to be called the Fukyutoo Roll, The Fukme Roll, The FukyuAll Roll and The Fukyomomma Roll.

Mrmary Weighs In

Supposedly a sushi bar called Fukyu was bad taste?

The request that the judge require the Fukyu Sushi Bar owners to change the business name came from the lawyer for the building’s owner. He said the name made many people in the neighborhood uncomfortable and some tenants in the building were threatening to leave because of it.

Check the video out here

Maybe because english wasnt my first or second language really, that I find profanity in all its shape or forms really funny, and the use of prepositions  like in teh following “all up in”.

But back to the subject at hand,  according to Greek mythology, all fruits of the sea are the children of Aphrodite, goddess of love. Seafood is known aphrodisiac. Both fish and seaweed boast nutritional attributes that add to their aphrodisiac powers. Oily fish provide mood-elevating Omega-3’s and many seafoods offer zinc not to mention the protein needed for sustained energy. Seaweed, the wrapper used on sushi rolls, is an excellent source of Vitamin E, also known as the “sex vitamin.”

Cut to the chase: There is a storied relationship between seafood and for lack of a better word “Fucking” that goes back to the mythic past which I don’t think is in bad taste to use as a marketing ploy to get customers. I mean its fairly standard check it out

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