Jocular look @Today’s news: Priest bans yoga for being a ‘different religious practice’

Priest bans yoga for being a ‘different religious practice’

Stock photo of a yoga class (© Laura Doss/Corbis)We have been to yoga classes, and while we are aware of its spiritual aspects, like most participants, we just wanted a good workout. For one Catholic priest in England, however, allowing yoga classes in his church was akin to heresy. The inflexible priest is Father John Chandler, who told yoga and pilates instructor Cori Withell that her yoga and pilates classes at St. Edmund’s Church in Southampton were being canceled because they were “not compatible” with Catholicism, and that yoga was a “Hindu spiritual exercise” and a “different religious practice.” Withell said the church approved her classes two months ago and accepted payment. Chandler said he “felt misled” after seeing the classes advertised as “spiritual yoga.” [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

Ironically I didn’t hear anything about Priest banning sodomizing/raping of children for being a wrong way of interpreting the classic line from the bible:

But Jesus said, Suffer little children,(not literally) and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
(Matt 19:14)

There is a yoga class at the gym where I go to and it is the least spiritual thing I have ever seen. Older students look down on other new and beginner students who are not comfortable in the poses. Supposedly they slow the class down. These overpriced bullshit classes are the most insincere things ever not because the practices come from another culture but most because people’s lives are so empty they cling to anything that will give their mediocre lives any meaning and use that as a tool to ostracize others so they can feel self-important. This is a very Christian thing to do to ostracize and exploit others how many people were killed by this fanatical need to spread the good word to all corners of the earth and make savages into honest human beings?

I would also imagine given the track record of Christianity and women‘s issues they head pedo in charge would recognize that yoga  makes women feel fantastic about themselves body and self-image issues and all. If I was the dude in charge of  PR for the Church I would encourage it.

What this is really about

Do you remeber this headline:

Hindus have criticized His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for rough handling of atheists in his speech at e in Edinburgh on September 16, where he appeared to associate atheism with the Nazis.

Some people do the yoga class for great exercise and muscle tone as well as being able to do this to get out of tickets, some people do the poses and addition stuff as part of their spiritual practice. I would expect a little more forward thinking but then again it is a priest.  With all the time on his hands I would expect him to educate himself on these kind of matters or maybe talk to a practitioner of Hinduism  but he is too busy to humble himself and ask someone like:

Ravindra Parmar, president of the Vedic Society Hindu Temple of Southampton, who told the BBC that yoga was “a form of exercise” and “not a religious type of activity.” He said he felt “a little let down” because of efforts by the local faith council to “get all the faiths talking to each other.”

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