Disgruntled NY’er Asks: What should I do with my day off Any ideas

Hey Guys and Dolls,


I’m off today and I have no idea what I should do with this brief respite from the grindstone. I will be going to the gym and doing my laundry later but its such a nice day out in NYC. What should I do aside from Laundry and going to the gym ? I already listened and danced to this three times already

Suggestions that don’t worked


Go to Union Square dressed comfortably, get a cold drink and people watch.  You’ll also be amazed at how many new people you’ll meet..

This doesn’t work if you’re a guy , it just looks kind of creepy frankly.

 Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

So take a train an hour and half to brooklyn only to walk the bridge adn then what take an hour and half train ride back to my shallow existence  here ?

Go book shopping/browsing at The Strand

Did that already check this out: Click here

Go  to Chipoltle and get a burrito, eat it in Washington Square Park and then mosey over to The Angelica Film Center on like Houston/Bway and see an indie film……..

An indie film,  Chipotle and Washington Square park?  – ok let check this out any trip to Washington Sq Park involves being about NYU People and also being asked if I want to buy “bud” (Northern Lights) about 4-7 times and then eat  and then pay money to see some overly artistic film inspire by some asshole happy but twisted  childhood and first sexual experience of taking it deep (that applies to every and any gender)… Love the symbolism but no thanks

kayaking on the hudson river (it’s not that filthy.. just be sure you don’t have an open wound or something :-).  It’s also free, courtesy of the downtown boathouse org

I have no idea how to swim. I’m pretty sure I can float, seeing how I was successfully able to climb down of your porker moms ( It has to be moms I’m using slang here). One the plus side I found that an easy way to find your moms wet spot is to roll her in flour now I have a  choices (I’m not really gonna  go further with this joke)

Tanning and relaxing

For the person who suggested this go fuck yourself, if I get any darker I will be stopped and Frisked much more than I am already. I wont be able to live the american dream and  buy everything on credit and wallow in a dimly lit run down play full of stuff but no hope for the future.

Make some suggestions, maybe ill kick start the radio station and we can have a live chat?


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    • True, when I did live in the bronx i rarely saw a red sox jersey unless it was game day at the series. In the end i cooked a fancy dinner and drank Jack Daniels, laid on the floor in the fetal position and cried. It was a good Wednesday


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