Another MrMary Sighting on 828 Broadway @ TheStrand


The Strand Bookstore

The Strand Bookstore is an independent bookstore located at 828 Broadway at the corner of East 12th St) in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, near Union Square. The Strand advertises that it has “18 Miles of Books”, and is well-known among New Yorkers for its collection of publishers’ overstock, used, rare, and out-of-print books, as well as the chaos on and around its shelves. The store houses the city’s largest collection of rare books, and is also a contender for the title of world’s largest used bookstore, its major competitor in this regard being Powell’s Books of Portland, Oregon.

We caught up with a busy MrMary Yesterday night coming out of The Strand. he was carrying with him  the following books by David Foster Wallace:

The Broom of the System

Infinite Jest

He sat down with us for a brief moment, on the condition that we would get him something from the Wafle and Dinges Truck and we sat down on the benches right outside the dog run in union square.

The Interview

Interview Lady: So MrMary, what brings you here, to this neck of the woods
MrMary: Well to be honest, you pretty much answered your question, you know… neck and wood etc
Interview Lady: I dont get it
MrMary: That’s a shame, such a pretty lady……  does your husband work many hours, leaving you home alone with a cold dinner and the bitter sweet taste of nostalgia on your lips
Interview Lady: Uh.. uhm… so (awkward pause) about the Strand  do you come here often ?
MrMary: There is only one place in the city where MrMary goes to appease his insatiable hunger, and since he doesn’t smoke afterwards he walks a few blocks from this chicks apartment and gets books to read.
Interview Lady: Uhm… ok that’s weird… doesn’t she have books at her apartment
MrMary: Yeah she has the standard stuff that will make her look educated to her fucktard NYU friends… The Sunday NY Times is on her coffee table, The Essays of Montaigne, The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho, and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Tropic Cancer etc….
InterviewLady: I don’t know what to say
MrMary: No one does, which is why I read. The nature of life today is that of isolation, our technological advances only serve to exacerbate this sort of dismal state, I find that good literature can  serve to in a way set up a makeshift bridge that can momentarily lead out of isolation into the domain of real human experience which is inclusive, accepting of diversity and transcendental at the same time
InterviewLady: Wow….
MrMary: Hows that for a sound byte… it’s not all dick jokes… Thanks for the Waffle and Dinge stuff.. and if you are going to wear a ring to deter guys from flirting with you you should really not smile so much and be so visibly optimistic. You need to look a bit unhappy, frustrated, yet comfortable since you do wear  granny panties …..
Interview Lady: How did you know?
MrMary: Life’s but a walking shadow, and I have the flashlight and the tube sock ….


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