Another MrMary Sighting: Phobang Vietnamese Restaurant 4107 Kissena Blvd Flushing,

Little did we know that  MrMary was such a big fan of pho. For those of you who don’t know pho

is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually served with beef (phở bò) or chicken (phở gà). The soup includes noodles made from rice flour and is often served with Asian basil, saw tooth herb, rau om (rice paddy herb), cilantro, thinly sliced green onion, lime juice, and bean sprouts that are added to the soup by the person who is dining.

While MrMary’s favorite pho place is in Chinatown, the beautiful weather in Queens over the weekend made him forego the long trip and go to (depending on who you ask) the best Pho place in Downtown Flushing; Phobang Restaurant.

PhoBang Restaurant

I like this place. The focus and emphasis here is clearly on the food.  There are no bright lights  and all this extra fanfare. I have a rule,we can call it MrMary’s rule for restaurants: basically if people of that nationality are going there to eat it then its good. I would never go to a restaurant that specialised in Haitian food  unless I saw and heard that from Haitian that they go there when they want a taste of home and are too tired or busy to cook. This place was recommended to me by  a Vietnamese friend. Though his mother and grandmother make a better pho they are not close by and this place brings him back. It may feel uncomfortable at first and depending on how authentic it is you may have to bring someone who can translate for you (e.g I have been to Haitian places the server speaks only Kreyol, so is the menu etc)

All that bullshit aside Phobang has really great pho. The broth is clear and flavourful but not to fatty at all. No one spice over powers the others they each have a role to be played. You can taste the star anise, the ginger, the cardamom, cilantro and green onion. The cut of beef was the eye of round which is great. Their Bahh Mi is supposedly very good but I come here exclusively when I want my fill out pho. I personally like to add a bit of the hoisin, Siracha Rooster Sauce also know as COCK sauce. I like it spicy so the more cock the better. Of course I like all the accoutrements the Mung bean sprouts, the lemon, the  thai basil.

And there it is folks

There is it folks, words from the famed blogger himself. From what MrMary has told us:

  1. Dont’ let the reviews on Yelp scare you or discourage you from going. This place is not dirty,
  2. The wait staff is cool and fair
  3. If you’re a hipster or foodie, or some douche bag who thinks their special, done come here, go to hell. If you must come show some respect to the locals, the cuisine and the people putting up with your sneering.
  4. You always can use more cock ..sauce that is


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