MrMary’s & Stendhal’s Cures for Love Fashion Week Special Edition

As can be expected we in America, the fattest nation in the world, have a  twisted image of beauty. Like Gaia in Greek myth we breed behemoths and send them forth into the world to reek havoc on toilets and bathroom everywhere and also places where sitting down next to other people is required. Yet despite all of this we seem to idolize these anorexically thin models who are avid abusers of recreational drugs and lead very unhealthy lifestyles. Of course for some women cocaine not only increase libido but decrease gag reflexes and that’s the kind of invented fact any  normal guy would like

Gripes with Fashion

Of course I have gripes with fashion and I will list three of them below

Seeding Self Image issues

Skinny, bony models dressed  in nice clothes is a subtle advertisement for necrophilia. No one right in their mind man or woman with a store bought silicone based appendage, wants to bag a bag of bones. Also no one wants to support anorexia and bulimia and young women and girls with self image problems.

For decades way-too-thin models have been en vogue and in Vogue as our culture’s representations of beauty, but just now, for some reasons related to the Internet, we’re suddenly seeing the fashion industry respond. 

The Fashion Industry Suddenly Acknowledges Its Anorexia Problem

The Atlantic Wire  Rebecca Greenfield 7,512 Views May 4, 2012

Buying into the Unreal

Living in NYC I have had the chance to see some famous people and models there must be teams of Photoshop experts that really go to work on the magazine and catalogue images. That’s not saying these models aren’t good looking but lets be serious. I think this is quite significant check out this out:
Same Body in all of these pics

The bodies of most of the models H&M features on its website are computer-generated and “completely virtual,” the company has admitted. H&M designs a body that can better display clothes made for humans than humans can, then “dresses” it by drawing on its clothes, and digitally pastes on the heads of real women in post-production.

Modeling and fashion is clearly not about reality. It is about sales and making you buy into not just a product but a way of seeing things as well.


Ethics in Fashion

Please take a look at the following facts:

  1. Serious concerns are often raised about exploitative working conditions in the factories that make cheap clothes for the high street.
  2. Child workers, alongside exploited adults, can be subjected to violence and abuse such as forced overtime, as well as cramped and unhygienic surroundings, bad food, and very poor pay. The low cost of clothes on the high street means that less and less money goes to the people who actually make them.
  3. Cotton provides much of the world’s fabric, but growing it uses 22.5% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides, chemicals which can be dangerous for the environment and harmful to the farmers who grow it. (Ethical Fashion Forum)
  4. Current textile growing practices are considered unsustainable because of the damage they do to the immediate environment. For example, the Aral Sea in Central Asia has shrunk to just 15% of its former volume, largely due to the vast quantity of water required for cotton production and dying. (Ethical Fashion Forum)
  5. Most textiles are treated with chemicals to soften and dye them, however these chemicals can be toxic to the environment and can be transferred to the skin of the people wearing them. Hazardous chemicals used commonly in the textile industry are: lead, nickel, chromium IV, aryl amines, phthalates and formaldehyde. (Greenpeace)
  6. The low costs and disposable nature of high street fashion means that much of it is destined for incinerators or landfill sites. The UK alone throws away 1 million tonnes of clothing every year. (Waste Online)

I think it is harder and harder to sustain loving relationship when the materialistic trends in society work to in a way reduce people to sources of revenue without regards to their well being and the well being of the environment.  I could say more but i think thats good


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  1. I tell ya MrMary, I’m not skinny nor do I wish to be. I happen to like my big butt and bigger boobs and I’ll keep ’em, thank ya very much. There is such a thing as too skinny and it ain’t pretty. I’m not big into fashion but I don’t dress like a slob either. When I get dressed. I like my pj’s (which I mentioned in my blog this morning). I also care more about what’s on the inside than the outside. I’ve dated some great looking men but looks mean nothing if a person’s spirit isn’t kind and loving. I don’t need a man with a fancy car or high-paying job or a bunch of material things. I want a man who loves with everything in him and enjoys simple things in life and can laugh and be a friend. I wish that in my friends, as well and I want to be able to give back all of that! Too much bullshit in this world to worry about “stuff.” Give me poor and happy any day! Have a great weekend!


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