MrMary’s & Stendhal’s Cures for Love Fashion Week Special Edition part 1

The compliments paid to little to girls of three furnish exactly the right sort of education imbue a them with the most pernicious vanity. To be pretty  is the greatest virtue and the most important advantage in the world. To have a pretty dress is to be pretty



Wang Wins

Flesh baring! Alexander Wang impresses at New York Fashion Weekwith sexy strategic cutouts


In my last post in this series i talked about how people  don’t like themselves, or rather we have been given a false idea about ourselves from our family/culture/society/religion/etc. Nowadays people are judged by what they wear , the car they drive, how much work has been done on their faces after novel breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery. We have been in fact sold a dream that it is the materials we have that reflect on others our meaning, and obviously this can have nefarious connotations for love.

Fashion Week NYC 2012

History : The first New York Fashion Week, then called Press Week, was the world’s first organized fashion week. Held in 1943, the event was designed to attract attention away from French fashion during World War II, when fashion industry insiders were unable to travel to Paris to see French fashion shows. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert organized an event she called “Press Week” to showcase American designers for fashion journalists, who had previously neglected their innovations. (Buyers were not admitted to the shows and instead had to visit designers’ showrooms.) Press Week was a success, and fashion magazines like Vogue, which were normally filled with French designs, increasingly featured American fashion.

it’s given that I alwys look presentable and clean. When the situation  is appropriate I get all gussied up of course but to me high fashion and being on the scene is not my kind of thing. I feel there is nothing wrong with taking pride in one’s appearance but where do you draw the line, when does it become vanity? I think an exaggerated sense of vanity and false pride really hurt relationships. As reported in a USA Today article entitled: Study: Materialistic values compromise marriages

Investigators from Brigham Young University analyzed relationship evaluations completed by more than 1,700 married couples across the United States. The participants were asked how much value they placed on “having money and lots of things.” The study, published in the Oct. 13 issue of the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, found that couples who believe that money is not important scored up to 15 percent higher on marriage stability and other measures of relationship quality than materialistic couples. “Couples where both spouses are materialistic were worse off on nearly every measure we looked at,” lead author, Jason Carroll, a BYU professor of family life, said in a university news release. “There is a pervasive pattern in the data of eroding communication, poor conflict resolution and low responsiveness to each other.”

Social Influence

So much of our influence is dictated by our upbringing and social environment take a look at the following courtship practices which if you think about speaks volumes about the culture from which they derive, and more important how that culture viewed male and female relations and their role in society:

In some African groups like the Zulus, fathers haven’t allowed suitors to visit their daughters at home. They were far from prudish, though. Daughters got their own “courting huts” in which they could entertain suitors away from the watchful eyes of their parents.

Gypsy girls are famously chaste and aren’t allowed to date, so if a boy wants to catch a girl’s attention, he manhandles her in an attempt to get a smooch.

Eighteenth-century New England couples had a tricky problem when it came to exchanging tender words: they had zero privacy, and who wants to coo sweet nothings into his girl’s ear while her dad watches? Enter an ingenious invention called the courting stick. This six-foot-long hollow tube allowed couples to exchange whispered words of affection from a safe distance while family members remained in the room to make sure there was nothing as salacious as hand-holding going on.

As recently as the 19th century, Finnish girls who had reached a marriageable age would wear an empty sheath on their girdle. If one of these young ladies caught a man’s eye, he would make or buy a knife to put in her sheath. A girl would return the knife of a would-be suitor if she wasn’t interested, but keeping his blade meant that she agreed to marry him

taken from

I think personally that our society is quite sick and the more one adjusts themselves to it, the further divorced I think at least we are from our humanity. Currently the divorce rate is very high and there are many social ills. I speak not to disparage the institution of fashion. However I see a disconnect. Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their money and time I just feel we should be honest about things for instance. We should agree that on a whole we do not care much for the poor people of our country, I think we shouldn’t care for 1/5 children (I think this is the correct stat i could be wrong) that go to bed hungry. Sunday night I saw the disdain in some peoples faces on my way back home, when they saw a homeless person.  You know how disgusting it is to see someone with $1000  shoes trying to take  big steps to avoid a homeless pan handler asking for change?

I guess no fancy conclusion or much sarcastic commentary. I think Fashion Week is a circus in and of itself that i will never understand, I will be saving that for part 2 🙂

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