Another MrMary Sighting on 320 East 86th Street @ City Swiggers


It is the fifth time in as many days that the beer-swilling blogging phenom has been sighted at City Swiggers. What is City Swiggers you say? Well according to what MrMary himself told me:

“it is the only place large enough other than your mother’s box that can satisfy my craving and insatiable thirst…. for beer

City Swiggers

For those of you who don’t know about City Swiggers

We’re a beer store and a beer bar in one. We have 30 seats with tables for those who want to enjoy a pint or a flight on premises. And we have about 600 beers in bottles (to go) on the shelves. Check out our tap list, above–at this Web page–or on the white board on the wall near the bar in the store. As for the bottles, we have domestic beers in the front (west wall, sorted by region/brewery) and imports and ciders in the back. The cooler has a little of everything, sorted by style.

MrMary’s Guide to enjoying City Swiggers

We were able to cajole MrMary into giving us his definitive guide to understanding City Swiggers:

  1. Don’t come in and try to show off your infinite knowledge of beer and make recommendation to strangers you dont even know. Also leave the guys behind the counter alone. They do not want to discuss hops with you or how double IPA‘s  are flooding  the markets, your stupid bathroom|kitchen home brew. Just Shut the Fuck up and let everyone drink in peace
  2. If you say things like:” Sometimes you just got to have a stout”, or anything stupid like that you should go drink sewage wwater with the other hipsters.

with that said

The staff is very knowledgeable and they have been great about helping me deciding what new beer to take home. They have a board on the wall with what is on tap. You can also find out what is on tap by checking out their website. Everything is pretty self explanatory. They have beer on the shelves in the front and back. it is a very impressive variety I might add. The ambiance is nice too. I would expect it being the upper east side that snob well to people, or people who aren’t as well to do but snobby would dominant this scene but every time I have been there it was quite enjoyable .

This specific Neighborhood Yorkville used to be home to many German and Eastern European immigrants. At one point in the past there were many beer halls here so there is a historic precedent I feel for City Swiggers. It’s been amazing every time Ive been there. All the beers I have reviewed I’ve bought here and its a win win.

Check City Swiggers out:

City Swiggers
320 East 86th Street
New York, NY 10028


Mon – Thurs: 1pm – 10pm
Fri: 1pm – 11pm
Sat: Noon – 11pm
Sun: 11am – 8pm

you just may run into me,  and if you do, we will drink a beer to each other’s health then I will sign your autographs or babies or whatever body part (females only) you’d like me to.

What Im Drinking series

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