Would you go to this $25 million Museum exhibit

As a high-school senior I wrote an essay and won the opportunity to be a volunteer in the education department in the Metropolitian Museum of Art. It was the coolest experiences of my life. I love museums. I would go when I wasn’t working and sketch and just sit there and stare at the Monet and Manet, Degas paintings upstairs on the second floor.  Suffice it to say that I developed a like for  artistic expression of all sorts and things of antiquity.

But all that went out the window today when I read:

Rolling Stones would be paid $25 million for 2 shows in Brooklyn,
2 shows in London

If you have been to the movies at all in the past decade you will know that there are somethings from the past that should stay buried, and if brought to the light of the present day will infect humanity with a plague as devasting physically as it is spiritually.

Rock Stars

when I think of rock stars these are the works that come to mind





Venereal Disease
Erectile Dysfunction
Out of Wedlock

The Who, What, Why, Where How

After Brooklyn native Jay-Z plays three shows in September, followed by Smashing Pumpkins and Barbra Streisand in October, the Barclays Center will welcome the British: The Rolling Stones are heavily rumored to be playing two shows in November. Good thing liquor license was secured!

A source tells Billboard the gigs will be part of a 50th anniversary tour, with two shows at the O2 Arena in London and two at the Barclays Center: “Richard Branson and Australian promoter Paul Dainty will promote, and the source says the Stones will be paid $25 million for the four shows.”

My Warning to Humanity

There is an ancient evil lurking about that seeks a venue into the lives of modern man that while horrible corrupt him and reduce each one of us  to a war mongering,despotic animal that cares only for food sex and the feeling of pleasant release after defocation.

Uhm actually that happened already during the Bush Administration who is going to go see the Stones ?


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