MrMary’s & Stendhal’s Cures for Love

Disclaimer: The views express here are not necessarily those ascribed to by me MrMaryMuthaFuckingPoppin, or the author of this blog, it’s readers and followers. Rather this is a sarcastic take on modern day relationships. We here at aspoonfulofsuga believe in equal rights for everyone regardless or race color creed gender or music choice and we are proud supporters of love in whatever form or disease it happens to take. MrMary Cares

MrMary’s & Stendhal’s Cures for Love

Stendhal believed love comes in different forms, from passion and lust to vanity, the love of possessive desire. In this collection he muses on falling in love, how to cope with jealousy and whether infatuation can ever be overcome – and provides a selection of maxims giving advice for lovers.

MrMary being an expert on all affairs of the heart is bringing you some reflection on love that are guaranteed to change the way you look at and experience loving relationships forever. Why MrMary, do you ask , will my approach to relationships will be changed forever? Well  I would say that what we called love, is not really love, rather what we call love is a power struggle, or rather as one poet put it so eloquently:

Different degrees of domination and servitude
are what you know as love.

But love is different
it arrives complete –
just there –
like the moon at the window.

Seek only that of which you have no clue.
Desire only that of which you have no hope.

I have read a bunch of Deeprak Chopra books, abused recreational drugs  and called this one girl back after tea-bagging her, so I am more than qualified to speak on the matters of the heart.

A Brief Demonstration

I will give you a brief demonstration to show you how insanely qualified I am for this kinda stuff. First a quote from Stendhal:

“Ninety- five percent of her daydreams are about love, and from the moment of intimacy they revolve about one single theme: she endeavors to justify the extraordinary and decisive step she has taken in defiance of all her habits of modesty. A man has no such concern, but a woman’s imagination dwells reminiscently on every enchanting detail.”

So you’re wondering what does this mean? Let me tell you:

The object pronoun here “her” refers to women of fuck-able age and looks.  So this subset of women day dream all the time about love, and then they give it up she looks for stuff to justify her decision to spread her legs to get dug out like the pockets.  Dudes dont daydream or have any such concern to justify plugging a women there fore will likely many time more than not be drunk and wont remem,ber all the  details.

How you can use this in your Relationship


Write all the overindulgent details in a diary and keep it locked away in the darkness of forgetfulness because no one wants to know/hear/read that other than you right now in the moment. A hour or two later you might undergo a total metamorphosis and become a totally different person who may be a total symbiotic misanthrope that needs the illusion of someone listening to and caring about what you say to feel better about yourself. Live in the moment, after its done its done. The guy that just gapped you may or may not be Mr Right, he may not even be available to see you again forever in this life.

  1. Live in the moment – Stop daydreaming and looking to justify your leg spreading ways. Its the 21st century and beign morally and ethically calloused like men is a right you have fought so hard to have. Enjoy it but it to use.
  2. Write as much as you would want to say on papaer first, and hide it away . Before you hide it away  count the total words say the same thing using only 10% of the total word count.


If my ex-gf’s are  any indication, no one will listen to the advice I gave above this. So you indulge your lady, or at least the women you temporarily and possibly begrudgingly filled like a 2 week job at a temp agency  pay attention to the details, and talk to her about what she was day dreaming about. Of course this is not possible without assistance so I recommend two things

  1. Video Tape all sexual activity and use many great free editing software that way you can stay on top of things like ambiance, setting,  color and texture of the sheets, the interplay of light and dark, emotion, echo,  the contrast of colors in the environment and other strange extraneous things that might be considered major motifs in works by Dante;s Inferno  or John Milton Paradise Lost. Camera and surveillance technology is so pervasive this shouldn’t be an issue
  2. Drink enough to reach the point where you sincerely look like your trying hard to pay attention but physically cannot. That way you can sit through a lot of conversation. Also you can always go back to the video-tape and take some notes

And there it is my friends

I know your impressed, stick around for more pearls of wisdom and like this series, to ensure more exclusive content for  MrMary’s and Stendhal’s Cures for Love Series

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