Getting to Know You: Meet MrMary’s Pets

I am not really into sharing much about my life behind the character. I tend to use personal anecdotes, hyperbole, pompous erudite diction, perverted imagery and sarcasm as a means of obfuscation, as a way to obscure the boundaries between myself and MrMary. I thought though I would share something personal today other than the naked pictures I have been sharing and receiving from many of you faithful female readers with my co-workers. And so here you have it my dogs.

MrMary’s Dog Pound

What better way to introduce my dogs than a hysterical song by Snoop Dog, feat: Nate Dogg, Kurupt, and Warren G. This is Track 10 from Snoop’s classic, DOGGYSTYLE, 1992. I was 11 when this came out and in the 7th grade I think. Whenever I am blogging at home these guys hang around, listen to music with me and give me ideas by licking themselves and whining sometimes not in that order. Anyways without further ado

Mo, Aka Mo’Rocco, Moberto de la Jesus Sandoval

He is a half silky terrier, half Yorkshire terrier. I bought him as a gift for a lady, well domestic partner. I don’t know what the right PC term is. He was the bane of my existence for many years as he never listened to me, was high neurotic, pee’d on my books, and just ruined my life. we have reconciled and we hang together. Whenever I need to take a long walk  to think and day dream he rolls with my.


(Pronounced: So-lay, french for the Sun) Soleil is half maltese half daschund. She is extremely gentle and caring, and loves to lay down on my feet when I write and then furiously scratch my knees when she needs my  attention. She was my sister’s dog, but my sister moved to a place that doesn’t accept pets and Soleil came to live with me and my lady. She loved it so much she never wanted to go back. She loves the interaction from the other dogs.


She is my dog, although my mother named her. I bought her for my sister’s sweet 16 and About a week later she became mine. She is the sweetest dog ever in the house, outside she is a terror because I lived in the hood when I got her and we got attacked by Pitbulls on numerous occasions. She doesnt let any stranger come near me or any of my family walking her. Once you are introduces she will be your home-girl.  She can run incredible fast and  loves learning tricks and watching Matlock. She has found ingenious ways to snatch food out of my hand. She was a rescue dog and I raised her from a little puppy. She is quite stylish. Her ears stick up straight and she looks like her head is an antennae.

As you can tell I like animals. There are record numbers of dogs at the pound getting put down and its heart breaking. Adopt if you can from the ASPCA and or the CACC.

Side note:

This post was inspired by RoughSeasintheMed She is a new blogger I started Following today, She is all kinds of cool, former journalist etc. Check her out tell her MrMary sent ya.

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