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Originally posted on Duh'Merica:

Are you interested in science by any chance? I’m interested in molecules.  The Sufi say, each one of us is a planet spinning in ecstasy.  But I say, Each one of us is a set of shifting molecules, spinning in ecstasy.  In the near future, worn out things will be made new again by reconfiguring the molecules.  A pair of shoes, a tire.  Molecular detection will also allow the determination of an object’s physical history; this matchbook for example, its collection of molecules could indicate everywhere it’s ever been.  They could do it with your clothes or even your skin for that matter.  The universe has no center and no edges.  Molecules, from the Limits of Control

It would never work.  I could never be the character Lone Man who Isaach De Bankole portrays in the Jim Jarmusch movie The Limits of Control.

He’s so calm, so centered and…

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