I put on the work Voice just for you and coincidentally

I sound like fucking Mike Tyson



You’ze fuggin guys

I thought before I venture into the realm of Youtube, with Videos of me doing  the shit i do I thought maybe I should try something intermediate like a podcast.  A friend pointed me towards BlogTalkRadio and I putz around with it and extemporaneously  did a show.  I want you to check it out


My Debut Show

 So I sound awful, I used a cell phone, I was pacing around my house, people were talking to me and my sister cat was moaning in heat. I said some off the wall shit and share a lovely story about the day I was born  and a mugging. There are some technical issues I had at the beginning, but listening to it I was chuckling.

Show Description

The Debut and the Debacle

Not a day goes by that the million of my readers that span the world in its entirety, don’t ask me for more. More what you say? More of me naturally. 

I am a sensual guy, so it’s not enough that you read my words I want you to feel my words and ultimately me. It’s ok I drink often and will retroactively give consent. While it may be hard to feel me physically (unless you live in NYC or don’t buy me dinner before) at least you can hear me.

So its a Date!

Here are the links watch me go

Check out the Radio Station here

Listen to me here


 Did Ya Know?

        • You can call into the show and talk with yours truly and even cohost and all that bullshit. 
        • And for some reason I sound like fuckign Mike Tyson

        Cya soon  and enjoy Ill keep ya posted



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