Random Thoughts …again

If there is one word I hate it is love. I know what your saying, that the herpes cream in time will treat my condition and I will learn to forgive myself from hooking up with that dirty bitch…. Uhm ..you didn’t say that ?… uhm ….. well what’s done is done I guess.

Great Post I Read

I read this great post today from La Signora, thedaterofboys (click here to read the post, do it , you know you want to). The post is saturated with honesty and sincerity what more can one ask for (I feel like saying a diet coke, although I don’t drink that stuff)

The post got me thinking of love, not the rod ramming kind, really rod ramming and the equal but opposite moist acceptance are both a tactile expression of  the deeper love, and inward recognition  I think of something. To me I think love is more than just an emotion or a patterned release of certain chemical messengers in the brain and or bloodstream. A recognition i feel of something ineffable, what that is I personally cannot say and if I did know enough to say I doubt language, with all it biases and multi-valent socio-cultural contexts and who can forget shades of subterfuge.

With That Said

I guess when I am not acting a fool and writing as the character Mrmary I often end up wondering things, like is what commonly goes as love really love ? or Do we need so many flavors of mustard: sweet, spicy, dijon, yellow, etc.

I had to Do it




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