Let’s Stop the Hate…We’re better than that

This post was inspire by Ms Heather’s Post

If I told you there was once a women who had 80 fingers inside of her at one time, and that I found it odd she did pornography, you would look at me  as if I was fucking crazy. You would say well such is the life or a cheerleader or a pretty catholic school girl. And yet many people are outraged that the Octomom is doing porn ?

I could understand if she was filming/stripping while cooking dinner and set off a lot of smoke alarm, or if she was walking around opening door knobs with her mouth. But she is according to the law not putting her kids in any danger. Of course how can one set a bad example in the land of the free and the home of the brave. She comes across to me as the kind of women who doesn’t have any daddy issues she just likes the taste so she does it. And in a democracy why shouldn’t she have the right to practice her beliefs. If a child molesting drug addicted science fiction writer can create his own religion, Scientology, then a woman can strip to support her family.

Let’s stop being hypocrites and let the market decide what right or wrong


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