A new Danger: The AIDS Vaccine and Mathematics

I am going to tell you a secret, its not the fear of heaven or hell that has gotten me to act properly.  I am a non-conformist  I don’t follow anything people tell me to do. I put my corn flakes in my subway sammiches so that they don’t taste purely of shit. And my milk, well it depends on the name of the girl I am seeing at the time. What has kept me on the straight and narrow has been of course STD’s and not just any STD: AIDS.

The Y axis is the amount of money you have and the X axis is the amount of suffering from AIDS.

Its not that I am scared of AIDS, but more so I know that susceptibility and suffering have an inverse – relationship with the amount of money I have.This behavior is of course characterized by the graph  y = 1/x,  of course graphed in the first quadrant of where both the x and y axes are positive. The Y axis is the amount of money you have and the X axis is the amount of suffering from AIDS.  Many worn, tired, 2nd Hand,, hungry, poor female parts have cross my path but I never engaged because well I have a lot to do and little time to do it in and AIDS is a big buzz kill.

In the 80’s once you got AIDS automatically:

  1. Your sexual Oriented Was depicted as homosexual
  2. You had to do a press conference denying your alleged homosexuality
  3. You had instead tried to raise awareness for liver cancer and  other disease tangentially associated with the complications of AIDS

Personally having the world think I am gay would help my chances with this girl I was trying to indoctrinate with meat. Also she wouldn’t have given me any attention if I had AIDS, herpes yeah i mean  thanks to science herpes is like athlete’s foot, just a couple of topical cream application and your good to go. Now you can imagine my horror when I read

Scientists see AIDS vaccine within reach after decades

No orifice will Ever be safe Again

Breaking News

A 2009 clinical trial in Thailand was the first to show it was possible to prevent HIV infection in humans. Since then, discoveries have pointed to even more powerful vaccines using HIV-fighting antibodies. Now scientists believe a licensed vaccine is within reach.

Unlike many viruses behind infectious disease, HIV is a moving target, constantly spitting out slightly different versions of itself, with different strains affecting different populations around the world. The virus is especially pernicious since it attacks the immune system, the very mechanism the body needs to fight back.

Scientists thinks that we might get the first HIv vaccine around 2019.  You have been warned. Protect your orifices, once that vaccine is out there will be Sodom and Gomorrah level organ grinding . Im moving to Western Canada people dont fuck there and the onyl danger to my orifice is a rabid otter, …I like to skinny dip


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