AIDS, Ancient Greece and a History lesson

Most of you know me to be buff and who can argue, I mean have you seen me. I hope the answer to that was “no” because then you would be stalking me. Back to it, I’m not just buff you see there are many kinds of buffs out there. I also happen to be a history buff to which means carrying heavy history books around my house has given me monstrous biceps. The other day I was carrying around heavy history books and had an epiphany about how our view of Ancient Greece is destroying our society. It was a discovery too shocking and unsettling to keep to myself.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is interesting well our concept  of ancient Greece. For some reason many historians like to place ancient Greece as the start point, as the place were democracy began. It is in many way the spiritual home of the West. All the cool philosophers came from Greece. They were a very forward thinking people, they named an island (Lesbos) to honor lesbians, might be related to why the place is called Grease Greece. They took boy loving to such highs that wouldn’t be matched until the Catholic Church  put a strangle hold on Europe’s genitals and politics.

According to popular legend the lasting legacy of Ancient Greece isn’t Democracy as the politicians will tell you but syphilis. When I was a boy I was told Greek shepherds being lonely bedded sheep that were hairy and made strange noises like the wives they left back home.

The actual science says a different story, but  here is the problem  while we are all logical people  and have science to answer questions we cant help but cling on to our imagination that somehow fucking animals gave rise to disease. There are things such as zoontic diseases. Influenza is a great  example. The influenza flu virus was originally a bird virus. Over time it has jumped it host species. it can be found in ferrets pigs , people even aquatic mammals like seals. But I did hear as a kid too that some people got off fucking ducks and we got a bunch of diseases.

Freddie Mercury and Africa

I remember when Freddie Mercury died  of AIDS hearing the theory that Africans recently started fucking monkeys and they got the AIDS virus from the monkeys, and then  some African lady then took a plane to the US and fucked a lot of dudes, 10 of which were Magic Johnson in different disguises.

Something is up. We all now know that Africans are too weak and emaciated to have sex period. Well at least what the commercials tell us.  If you are too weak to swat flies off your face then you are too week to have sex. Secondly  monkeys are very strong and can rip peoples  faces off. I am not sure how a hungry Africa can hold down a wild monkey and have sex with it then conjure up money for a multi-city ticket through the USA to go one a fucking spree and keep up with magic Johnson and then go home to being hungry again. Does that make sense to you?

[in case you read this in the future, i didn’t mention the equally crazy suggestions that monkeys go around raping humans because thanks to Daniel Tosh its taboo to talk about]

Taking a step back

This is the legacy of Ancient Greece, not the real ancient Greece but the Ancient Greece we have created retrospectively. We are all our own authors and we choose our predecessors. If this is true on a personal level why cant it be true on a national level ? Facts can be woven so many ways to create things that aren’t really real. In the end what we come to see and believe is more a product of our own biases and limitations. I find those who praise logic the most act illogically. I find that we create stories even though science or common sense will tell us no. Any ideas why is that ?

Let me Give You an example from Wikipedia:

Great Zimbabwe is a ruined city that was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe during the country’s Late Iron Age. The monument first began to be constructed in the 11th century and continued to be built until the 14th century, spanning an area of 722 hectares (1,780 acres) which, at its peak, could have housed up to 18,000 people. Great Zimbabwe acted as a royal palace for the Zimbabwean monarch and would have been used as the seat of their political power. One of its most prominent features were its walls, some of which were over five metres high and which were constructed without mortar. Eventually the city was abandoned and fell into ruin.

The ruins were first encountered by Europeans in the late 19th century with investigation of the site starting in 1871. The monument caused great controversy amongst the archaeological world, with political pressure being put upon archaeologists by the government of Rhodesia to deny its construction by black people.

The fact were there. The official line in Rhodesia during the 1960s and 1970s was that the structures were built by non-blacks and the government censored archaeologists who disputed this.

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