A Girl Fight, and My Question

I was getting something to eat and on my way back to my little den of social inequity I happened to see a girl fight, and now I am really mad. Why is MrMary Mad ?  well all the girl fights I’ve seen on TV were chub worthy, the girls were either muy  chichona or were the callipygian type. These two girls clearly were not. One girl looked like a hispanic Brian Urlacher, all star linebacker for the Chicago bears. The other girl looked like one of the Ying Yang Twins.  No clothes were ripped off which was best as the children standing around wouldn’t want to see C section scars and stretch marks . So I walk away from that encounter sans chub, unfulfilled and a bit let down (queue the “Awww”)

This got me thinking

How much of our reality is manufactured, a product of the sensationalist propaganda we get 24/7 as we are all plugged in to social media all the time? Like all important thoughts that require swift immediate action I complete forgot the question until now. When I saw this song on youtube:

I began to see something emerge from the recesses of my mind

  1. How many more Tyler Perry movies have to be made before everyone thinks coonery and buffoonery are making a come back like ?
  2. Is the fact that white women get killed so frequently and easily in movies the reason why they are often times prime targets for murderers and sociopaths?
  3. After having done “How Stella Got Her Groove Back“, will Angela Basset be able to get her groove back into movies and stuff I see or is getting one’s groove back for her a lot like vagina for a gynecologist – boring and over-inflated ?
  4. Which Baudrillard Quote is more apt to use:

This One

“Today…no performance can be without its control screen video…its goal is to be hooked up to itself…the mirror phase has given way to the video phase. What develops around the video or stereo culture is not a narcissistic imaginary, but an effect of frantic self-referentiality, a short-circuit which immediately hooks up like with like, and, in doing so, emphasizes their surface intensity and deeper meaninglessness.” 

“A society which allows an abominable event to burgeon from its dung heap and grow on its surface is like a man who lets a fly crawl unheeded across his face or saliva dribble from his mouth — either epileptic or dead.”

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One comment

  1. Such a shame that women still fight each other…ugh i can’t stand it…Reality tv and all those silly VH1 shows don’t make it any better. I am having issues with WP posting my comments but you see this.


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