A Violent Act we all Do

I have always felt that violent acts doesn’t always have to be a right hook to the body or involve some sort of physical contact. If you have been in a bad relationship you know that you can be assault verbally. Words can be a vehicle for violence. But for this violent act we all do is even more subtle.

You meet someone the conversation starts  and somewhere in that conversation you say, I am Christian, or I am an Atheist or a Republican, Democrat or whatever other label you feel accurately defines you and right there, you have committed a violent act. To me what all violent acts share is a callous separation between the recipient and the aggressor.  There is a big difference between a dialogue where people agree to disagree or cannot reach a conclusion and a violent act perpetrated. One affirms the differences between us, the other reduces someone to a thing a commodity.

Let me give you an example someone I know said this on Facebook today:

Interesting article that the reason most young people tend democrat is that they came of age during Clinton and a bad bush presidency. My political awakening was the republication revolution of 94. From then on, it has been the GOP.

In the US we tend to ignore what common sense dictates, to vote and act along ideological lines.  Some Christians feel abortion is wrong for everyone whether they follow the same ideology or not and they vote for whatever party says the same thing they feel. Some of these people feel life is so sacred they blow up clinics with people in them. On many issues this particular person follows what the party says to follow, not because its right or wrong, but because the party he feels represents him. If his party is for the bombing  of a foreign sovereign country because they represent some threat to us, then they deserve everything that happens to them because you don’t mess with America!

What comes with it

There is a culture that comes with every ideology and each of these cultures are in a fight for supremacy, are in a fight to exist in time to be historically relevant. To be a Democrat is not to be republican, and sometimes for some people it means to hate people who are Republicans. To be an Athiest for some is to spend an amount of time every day ridiculing everyone who believes in God, and religion.  There is seriously an us versus them mentality that rules over so much of human activity.

I don’t think we can come together and solve issues as human beings.  There is a serious responsible we all share as human beings to each other I ask myself is it right to buy stuff made from child labor or to get my lady diamond jewelry from horrible exploitative diamond mines. These to me are questions that exist beyond party ideology. If fracking is destroying lives and towns, do we need to have politicians tell us what to believe.

I think we don’t do anything that affirms our humanity together in a serious way. We tend to  focus on what we ideologically feel represents us. It is like a violent puppet show with real world consequences.  To ignore the poverty in our own country, to ignore the civilians being killed by  drones,  is an act of violence I feel. To say I am this or that is an act of violence because in many cases it sows the seeds for exploitation. Obviously not everyone nourishes it and grows it into a giant tree. Some people are quite open minded and magnanimous.

Just some thoughts, daydreaming

Dreaming of an Idyllic utopia


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