Judgement, Spiritual traditions and a Problem I had on Facebook

Hey Guys

I always laugh when people say that judging others is wrong.  Actually the ability to judge/to reason.to rationalize is a gift. I would be happy to talk to you about some comparative organismal neuro-anatomy and how the neo-cortex and the frontal lobe development in mammals is greater especially in primates and dolphins, and that the frontal lobe serves some important functions (Sometimes I really wonder if I should have done that PhD in Neuroscience)

The executive functions of the frontal lobes involve the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions (or better and best), override and suppress unacceptable social responses, and determine similarities and differences between things or events. Therefore, it is involved in higher mental functions. The frontal lobes also play an important part in retaining longer term memories which are not task-based. 

So to me when people talk about not judging others I feel that it is impossible not to. Generally people who misappropriate spiritual traditions and are guilty tend to talk about this ad nausea.  I know the people preaching on the train or the streets tell me dont judge lest you be judge. I asked one of these preachers if he is walking down a dark street late at night and he sees a suspicious group of guys in hoodies  would he run to them and spread the word. He said no. I asked but they have god/Jesus/Something Holy in them and yet you passed a judgement on them that it is unsafe to go there. It shut him up long enough.

I think the main message about judgement that people miss is that we shouldn’t ignore common sense, and she shouldn’t be too rigidly attached to judgement, we have to leave room that what we may be seeing isn’t completely true, that we are fallible and make mistakes we are human. So all old people aren’t annoying, though I have met many who were etc. Not all girls are after the money in my pockets ($2.25) though some who cannot find their metrocard on the way to the City do etc.

The Face book Incident

I found this picture on my wall and it made me laugh so i shared. Turns out 77 other people shared and there were 285 likes by men and women.

Two of my friends liked it but I eventually got this comment from an older lady who is one of my ‘friends’ on facebook:

Violence against women is funny?

I got ferociously angry. Anyone who is on my page sees clearly that I don’t condone violence, especially towards women. I mean after ‘knowing’ me for a good two years,  suffice it to say i took it personal. At first I wanted to say something really really foul. It’s a crime for me to be mean to another. So I took a moment to calm myself and then  I wrote the following:

MrMary: I don’t promote violence against women, and I didn’t see this as a promotion of violence against women. Generally it was a picture with a sarcastic/jejune/ and salacious phrase added. This style of humor is quite popular on Facebook and more importantly I find it funny.

When last I checked Ronald McDonald isn’t a known rapist, but rather a fictitious character. The arrest of a fictitious character to me was an indication that this was not to be taken seriously. To that end the word “McDick” isn’t a real word as well and to me was a linguistic stab at how McDonalds names things: McFlurry, McNugget, McChicken, McRIb, McGriddle, A combination of generally the prefix Mc and a noun: e.g McMuffin, 

Also from the context of the picture itself I personally do not see a clear indication that violence towards a woman has occurred, or was in the process of occurring. This fictitious Ronald McDonald could have been disturbing the peace with his bad jokes or they could be arresting him for public drunkenness or some other charge. Funnily enough it was a women who pointed this (image) out to me and we had a laugh about it. 

It is difficult for me to intuit pre-emptively what will make some laugh, and others not laugh. Realistically I am not sure how to make sure that what I post is portrayed correctly to everyone who reads it or happens along my page especially since taking a poll of everyone’s opinion would be grossly time consuming as I have friends in different times zones. Generally I have always hoped that those who know me wouldn’t imagine that I would support violence against women, or other more heinous crimes.

The Problem with Social Media

In many ways I like social media, it keeps me connected to the people and organizations I support. Facebook is the new face of Karma  all the popular people man you should see them now morbidly obese on a motorized chair with 7 kids. But then I go to post what strikes my attention and sometimes I feel that I am held hostage by the people on my OWN PAGE. I hesitate to say somethings, or post some things that I find funny or things that I agree with politically because I don’t want the backlash or to argue with some people, or for someone to think I am some sort of creep because I laughed at a McDick joke.

I find that social media is weird especially if you are someone who cares legitimately for other people, or who value friendship. I think human beings are social animals and we need interaction. The interaction through social media isn’t really interaction with me. Its like Coke Zero it has no nutritional value and can do some crappy things to your body. Maybe I am just old school but I find real social interaction to be rejuvenating and fulfilling.

What do you guys and girls think?

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