Today is National Chocolate Eclair Day & When not to Go Commando

coincidentally enough National no Underpants.

It’s a dirty joke laden day for that sub-population that was born with chocolate eclairs in their pants. But I want to remind you as someone who had to clean both men and women locker rooms in college, and who lives in a city laden with weird stomach curling smells, to  enjoy the eclairs today but wear underpants!!! Today’s weather is extremely hot and hazy with scattered Thundershowers some of which will be severe – whatever that means. I decided to give you a list  of times when it’s not propitious to free-ball your way to freedom based on my personal observation

When Not to Freeball

Never freeball and wear white docker on a hot summer day with an over 40% chance of Rain and Thunder Showers

You’re welcome, I made this picture safe four work ahead of time !!!

Not when one is doing legs at the gym specifically the adductor machine


When its rope climb day at the gym


When you are meeting your significant other’s family


Visiting a friends house who has many friendly dogs


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