What I am Drinking Tonight: My New Cocktail Creation Two In the Pink


I have a chemistry degree and any excuse I get to mix things together and experiment I go for, which is why some of my ex-gf used to walk with a mean limp. But this post isn’t about that. It was only a matter of time before I created my own signature drink. MrMary is multi-dimensional its not just beer, or wine or the cocktails, it’s about the totality of experience.

How It Came About

I was bored and it was hot and I wanted a refreshing drink. Unfortunately there are other people in this house who once I start making something for me want some too.  Judging from the palettes here the general consensus is that no one wants to taste  the harshness of the alcohol which sucks for me I tend to like to strong drinks.

What You will Need for this Drink 


Plenty of Ice
A Tall Glass  
A Shaker 

Booze & Other Stuff 

Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefuit Cocktail 
Alize Rose
Simple Syrup

I fill my shaker with ice and my serving glass as well and I leave them both in freezer. Then I go and put on some pants because everyone complaining that I cannot make drinks in my bikini draws on the hottest day of the year. Then I assemble everything in front of me.  ( i measure out my drinks instead of counting and using an easy to pour spout on the bottle.)

Getting Down to Business

The pour and measure the following in this order, then pour into my shaker:

  1. 0.25 oz of Simple Syrup
  2. 2.0   oz of Vodka
  3. 0.5   oz of Alize Rose (pink)
  4. 4.0  oz of the Ruby Read Grapefruit  Drink (pink)

I give this a good shake then I pour it into my final serving glass. Then I top the drink off with some lemon line soda (7UP Sprite – Whatever You got) add a  straw  and then garnish with a wedge of  lemon or lime skewered with a cherry.

My Creation The ‘Two in the Pink’: Vodka, Rose Alize, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice cocktail, Simple Syrup and Sprite served on the rocks

My Rationale

I had tried a rose Alize martini and I fucking loved it. However my peeps in my house didnt like the strong alcohol aftertaste. The recipe called for 2.5 oz of Alize Rose and 1.0 oz of Vodka.  While the Vodka mellowed out the sharp taste of the Alize Rose it wasnt enough for these discerning palates. So I thought it would be nice to have a drink really cold served on the rocks, topped off with some lemon lime soda. I was thinking of Grapefruit soda but 3 in the pink is a little excessive by my standards, maybe after a few drinks to loosen up, but straight away cmon now.

So I figured I would make a vodka based drink with ruby red grapefruit juice.  If I had a grapefruit I would opt to use the juice from that with a little simple syrup then I added about 0.5 oz of the Alize so there would be great aromatics coming off the drink (It is a blend of French vodka, strawberry, lychee and rose petals) and it would increase the alcohol content and complexity of taste. I really like vodka because it doesn’t have a very assertive taste like tequila. Anyways  after shaking it I get a cool pink color fill about 2-3 oz of sprite in the glass and voila.

I am still playing with the ratios a bit and I might add 0.25 – 0.5 ounce of fresh squeeze lime juice and garnish with a lemon peel or add some Agostura Orange Bitters (which I dont have at the moment) (it’s not officially a cocktail without bitters – I’ve explained this to my lady friends  but well you know the whole Pineapple juice thing)

The Effect

It was refreshing everyone liked it, the flavors mask the alcohol content. It was just nice to sip on on a hot day. Problem is I had a good 4 plus the martini before  as I was testing out ratios. I will be tweaking this as the days go along. I may pass it to a bartender to tweak and get back to me with what works

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