What I Drank Saturday: La Fin Du Monde Tripel Style Beer aka My 1st Canadian Erection

Happy Bloomsday Bitches!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know what Bloomsday is lemme summarize briefly:

Bloomsday is a commemoration and celebration of the life of Irish writer James Joyce during which the events of his novel Ulysses (which is set on 16 June 1904) are relived. It is observed annually on 16 June in Dublin and elsewhere.

Can you guess how I rang in my Bloomsday? 

La Fin Du Monde is an award winning Belgian Style tripel. What is a tripel let alone a Belgian style tripel. At first I thought it was a sloppy cacophonous orgy with drunk Belgian college students but  alas I was wrong.  A tripel is simple a strong pale ale from the Belgium or the Netherlands. Strong in this sense means it is 9% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

Some Notes before getting into it

I think here in America a lot of our first taste of beer was some god awful shit that we had to have almost frozen to dull the taste of ass: case a point Budweiser aka the not even a wet-napkin once over rim-job of beers. (It’s shitty). For good quality beer they don’t have to be frozen, served chilled about 41 degrees is good, The taste, aroma and flavors that are discernible I feel are dependent on temperature.

Snifter glass

Also depending on what I am drinking I like to use assorted glassware.  Some glassware are great for head, ..hmm going to rephrase that. I mean that the shape of the glassware helps gives a rich and creamy frothy head on the beer when it’s poured correctly. I figure from here on end to mention what glassware I am using. In this case I am using.

I noticed that I wasn’t always picking up the more subtle or volatile of the aromas of the beer. So I thought I would need to use  a different type of glass. If I had a sniffer I would have used it for this particular brew, Instead I used my wheat beer glass  which was sexy.

Vast Structure of Recollection

This beer is made in Quebec and for a while it got me thinking about Canada. It was like Proust’s madeleine and orange hibiscus tea for me. For a while I used to spend my vacation  in Quebec in particular in Montreal visiting my grandfather and family. it was a lovely time for me. I love Montreal it is my second home really from NYC.  While I speak English predominantly, there is something about speaking or hearing french (My first language) in the streets. I remember visiting The oratory of St Joseph for mass sometimes with family on New Years Eve around Midnight. I remember the farmers market, Parc Jarry, this restaurant we would always go to in China Town, I remember going to Mt Royal because we were unable to see an Expos game. I remember meeting an actual Monty. After hearing how the Monty’s always get their man, I found real live Monty’s to be not that homosexual. I remember my first cocktail ever, I had at the wake of my grandfather’s funeral a Whiskey and Amaretto on the rocks. I remember seeing his flags of Quebec and the Vive le Quebec on his house.  Ah that tinge of sadness. I think those were among the happiest times of my youth.

BTW- Canadian girls are much friendlier than a lot of their  counterparts, really approachable, pretty. However judging from how crazy I’ve seen Canadiennes (female Canadians in French)  get for hockey, they just may be demons in bed which is find for me as I tame demons on the weekends.

Getting Down to Business

I have to remember to take a picture before I start drinking

The Glass, The Pour, The Aroma, The Taste

This beer brought me back. It’s really really good. I haven’t sampled to many of the other tripel style of beers but all the recommendation from friends actually for once paid off.

The Glass

If you were to look it up the Weizenbeer Glass like drunk large-chested female tourist from Sweden just taking bullshit pictures in front of you on the train, is made to produce a decent sized and voluminous head allowing for better olfaction. In regards to picking out subtle nuances of aromas this really was much better than my usual glass beer mug. Of course this glass was made for a Wheatbeer: etc Bluemoon, UFO HefeWeizen etc

The Pour

Beautiful color, beautiful pour. It is about 2-2 finger sized head (ladies this is the equivalent of just the tip). Coloring is darker than a pilsner, it is like a golden color, similar to some specimen of Amber I have from the shores of Latvia. The head is white which sets off to me a nice contrast in colors especially in the Weizen Glass. 


 Man I got a slight sweetness from the aroma. Definitely the malty yeasty sort of sweetness that one would get from a Trappist or Belgian Beer like Leffe Blonde for instance. There are slighty fruity/flowery smells. There isn’t that overpowering smell of alcohol though. To give you an example Malt Liquor in the US is generally 6-10 % alcohol I believe, and the smell of that is overpowering of alcohol and this is 9%


Great carbonation throughout, You aren’t overpowered by the 9% ABV content it is smooth and well mask by the balance of flavors, there is a slight sweetness you can intuit from the smell but its not too sweet. Plus the sweetness is balance by an ever so slight bitterness in the aftertaste. This is a really well balanced beer. There is a great mouth feel, very satisfying, very drinkable, very all kinds of awesome its has a slight spicy-sorta kick from the 9% alcohol definitely a creamy texture provided by the carbonation is great. The carbonation is great serious continuous gentle flow throughout really makes a serious contribution to the mouth feel. The warmer the beer got the more volatile aromas and tastes  I could smell, but I was already buzzed and didn’t really give a shit. I got a not buzz from this which was a bit unexpected. well I wrote down: mild citrus smell- who knows and yeah I write notes when I drink to review this stuff for you guys.

Pairings Cocktails

Because of the high alcohol content  some people say that this is paired with certain spicy food that have a great citrus spicy food. I’m not a connoisseur or knowledgeable on tripel style beer  so I cannot really recommend what to pair it with. Also a lot of times I drink not looking  to pair anything just to enjoy it. But there are some cocktails and recipes this can be used in check it out.

I am big on  using booze to cook. But Cook is an art. There has to be a delicate balance, one cannot load up or over power the food with booze like the freckled girl at a party who is shy but has the mouth of a pirate hooker of the days of yore.


I really loved this beer and when I find a place that has it on tap I will be there like static in an an excessively hairy crotch – not that I would know just guessing .. Gaussian distribution of charges etc. This beer was well balanced, easy on the eyes, and brought me back to that special place like my first Canadian erection. I remember she had long hair, nice smile, she was stacked but not so much that it would call my sense of style and love of women’s personalities into question, I saw her at the Jean Talon Station on my way to get to the Sherbrooke Station or Berri-Quam. Yeah definitely drink this beer !!!! and TheDaterofBoys is still my fav Canadienne though, hands down !

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