If I had a super power it would be….continued…(2)

I was thinking today of my social studies teacher.  I was harassed by a cop on the way one from mock trial practice. The cop was a real dick. I told my teacher and he said I was of course exaggerating. Cops wouldn’t harass a student. If there is one thing I hate is being dismissed, it brings out the beast in me.

I don’t know if you know how it works when the police pull you over for doing nothing. They provoke you, they try to get under your skin and make you do something so they can lock you up. Well that’s how I feel it is, but like LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow says: You don’t have to take my word for it. After all to many NY’er its justified.

Bloomberg has consistently argued that stop-and-frisk is in the best interest of the communities that most often denounce it. He noted that violent crime dropped by 34% during his time in office and said if crime stayed at the same level that it was 10 years ago, it would have resulted in roughly 5,600 more murders. “Many of them, sadly, would have been young people, especially young men,” he said. “And when you consider that 90% of all murder victims are black and Hispanic, there is no doubt most of those victims would have come from communities like this one,” the mayor added.

We don’t need to violate people’s human rights or their basic dignity to make this country safer ?

The notion that this makes us safer is a big lie,” said Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP. “What it does is it drives a wall between the most victimised communities in this city and the very people who have sworn to protect them.” “It is not surprising to find out that while this city has lowered violent crime by 29% in the last ten years, Baltimore has done it by 37% without this program. Dallas by 49% without this program, and the city of Los Angeles by 59% without this program.

What I Realized?

I realized that he had no idea of what went on out in the other parts of the city that he never would venture to drive through. I said to myself walking in another man’s shoes isnt enough. One has to switch places with the man.  Imagine for instance if  for a month some Jews woke up Palestinians and some Palestinians woke up as Jews and they had to live the reality of the their ‘enemy’.  What if like the Sudanese who fled to Israel for protection, some Israelis were ripped from their homes or turned away in the face of persecution…uhm scratch that, that was done already sorta in Schindler’s list. What if some Southerners woke up and ate fiber and didnt need a motorized chair to attend their KKK rallies and pizza hut Salad buffets?

There is a constant struggle between oppressors and the oppressed on the global scale. For example fat obese Americans (myself included) love Apple products, and in doing so turn a blind eye to child labor in China. Did you know slavery goes on in the world, now more than any other time in our history. There are so many things going on and we turn a blind eye so we can continue to subsist in the lacking reality we call life.

I couldn’t be mad at my teacher. It turns out he had relatives on the force, and probably Jerks off to Ebony or Jet magazine. I would too if my wife was a skinny red headed pasty syphilitic bitch that bossed me around and told me how much coffee to drink what colors to wear, and to grease my hair like I just arrived on Ellis Island.

I also cannot be mad at my classmate who leaves Republican-ideology tainted remarks on every fucking thing I post on Facebook. He has gone from being a bright high-school student with promise to a bloated shapeless piece of shit who’s life wreaks of mediocrity and the stench of stagnation. He has a good job though, he wife still looks like a woman and hasn’t followed his lead of doing away with a knife a fork and just putting her face in food.  Maybe one day they will have kids that will be the poster children for Fragile X and Hodgkins disease.

Yeah So I am Still Angry

Sorry about the tirade. I was talking to my therapist today about some racial incidents that I had the pleasure of dealing with, and I said man if only I had the power to make people switch and really see what it was like on the other side.

If only I could recreate the freak gym accident that caused burly rugby player Chris Birch to have a stroke wake up gay and become a hairdresser?  Its not the answer but maybe a start in the right direction

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  1. “….a bloated shapeless piece of shit who’s life wreaks of mediocrity and the stench of stagnation”…

    Sounds like 75% of our nation. I just ranted on posted something about that the other day. Sad state that this country is in but oh well…


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