Google Wants you to be able to search for my PiPi online:Privacy for My Privacy

What’s MrMary Like on Vacation

This is my first sort vacation in 5 years at least , to tell you the truth i have lost count. I am a situational workaholic meaning when I am in situation where the threat of being broke or homeless I work like an animal. Turns out  I can count the total vacations I’ve taken since moving out on my own  on one hand and still have fingers left-over.  So whats Mr Mary like on a vacation.

Well I am relaxed. I wear pants only when necessary and I purposefully wear my discounted male bikini looking underwear all the time around the house and nothing else. That’s why I tell girls that  breakfast is served at any time at my house, there is always at least some sausage and eggs just around the corner, some milk too but you got to work for it. So Im lounging around and then….

I Read This

Two companies [Google and Apple] are racing to each create more and more powerful map software, and the result has been camera technology that’s strong enough to see sunbathers in their backyards. Both companies are reportedly using military-grade spy planes in order to create aerial maps that are much more detailed than those already out there, such as Google Earth. The planes can even see through windows and record images of objects as small as four inches.

See that’s my problem, after you see the first four inches (the prequel to the trilogy), you’re pretty much going to want to see the rest. It’s bad economics  so much demand for so little a supply ( that doesn’t sound right but you get me).


One time I got hammered and blacked out, well I went a little crazy first  and a lot of people in  Bensonhurst ended seeing my gentleman’s equipment. For a bit every time I went back I was a bit paranoid but then I realized that it was night time on a cold winter day (didnt stop me from putting on a good show though )  and no one was out. I realize now that privacy really doesnt exist.

Social media isnt to be trusted, I consider them to be the Roman Pulansky of Privacy. Once it suits them they will fuck with your privacy. The US has a radar able to track an object the size of a baseball from San Francisco to Virginia! Apple and Google are everywhere.  Thanks to Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram  everyone is picture happy we take pictures of everything and I feel in moving to immortalize our experiences we disenfranchise ourselves from really experiencing them. Its not to difficult to imagine a picture analysis algorithm that is created  whichs uses geo-tagging as  a means of selectivity that looking for pictures posted on the public domain.

In many ways the idea is to be deemed as not a threat, the idea is not to think for one’s self because that is a thought crime. Not following the herd has had disastrous ramification for anyone. This is wear being black pays off for me,  Im already sorta on the outskirts. I read , stay home , dont play basketball and have a quirky blog where I make innuendo jokes. While they are watching all of us, not all of US are important. Luckily according to the statistics my maximum life expectancy is quite short, so its a win win. I will soon enough will be done this charades and will pass along statistically without a bang but a whimper (T S Eliot references bitches)

Ladies what do you say ? If you find the fours inches of my penis on Google I will send you the rest for a completed collectors set  for $5, the cost of a mediocre cocktail 😉  or we can go pic for pic

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