New Trend Censoring Little Kids

First the Facts:

Another day, another story of censorship by a New York City public school principal—and this one is about a hot button issue, not a pop song. According to Queens fifth-grader Kameron Slade, a speech he wrote about same-sex marriage was deemed inappropriate by the principal of his school, PS 195.

After a 9-year-old Scottish girl’s blog about her school lunches drew international attention local officials tried to force the girl to stop snapping pictures of her lunches. For the past few months Martha Payne’s blog, Never Seconds, has showed the often dismal lunches she got at school (as well as school lunch pictures sent in from kids around the world). But according to officials, the “photos were misleading and had caused distress to cafeteria staff.”


I often wonder what happens to people after they become parents. For some people being a parent is a catalyst it opens them up to deeper thoughts, to a new sense of compassion. It gives them a deeper experience of the human experience. For other they mire themselves more in their own ideological bullshit and become authorities on whats right and wrong about the limited world they see. According to the papers:

This kid is a threat to the innocence of kids at a public school in queens for talking about gay marriage.

Apparently the topic of gay marriage, which is hard to avoid in the real world these days, was too much for the innocent children of Queens. And some parents at the school seem to agree: “I think they are a little too young to hear about this,” one told the news channel.

Reality Check: By the time I was 13 I had seen a knife fights heard gun battles behind my house, seen drug deals  and drug busts, see horrible domestic violence, I had see gay people making out on the train, and I had seen people doing it in Prospect Park.

But lets ignore all of that for a moment and I will tell you about my train ride home on the R train last night.  This group of hipster douchebags comes onto the train at 14 street, and immediately because hipster don’t use deordorant made the train smell like it must have inside the fucking Trojan Horse all those centuries ago before bathing  Axe Bodyspray were discovered. Two of the dudes are gay and a couple, they had matching plunging v-neck  i dunno what you call it. They start singing show tunes and Dancing on the MuthaFucking Train one of them starts dancing and swinging around the pole.  There are kids on the train with there parents, and no one bats a fucking eyelash. Sometimes you got to sing and pole dance. Being one of the state to legalize gay marriage and also have a mega massive GLAAD parade that  dances it way through the city  every year. Now all of sudden young kids from fucking queens are two innocent to hear about gay marriage. These same kids arent too innocent to hear about war, to watch porn online, listen to that nonsensical bullshit Katy Perry puts out, or Sing Lady gaga lines online at CVS about rough sex.


this picture paints a false image that school lunches in Scotland are delicious and really fucking tasty. This pictures also distresses the staff of muthafuckers designed to shovel this schlop out to kids

Reality Check: The Scottish are not known for their gastronomy. Fried mars bars and hagus are what comes to mind then I think about Scottish Food. Everyone from the UK, even Scotsmen and Scotswomen I have met  has said : Aye the food is crap. But God Forbid a little elementary school girl take pictures of her boring bullshit lunches and shares them with people around the word. The Last thing we would want is for a young schoolgirl to meet other people who have had bad lunches and learn about their cultures through a friendly interchange. The photos were misleading and causing stress to the food staff.

You know what the staff should be worried about the violence in Scottish cities. In 2005 Scotland has been named the most violent country in the developed world by a United Nations report.  Scotland was known for a while as the murder capital of Western Europe. I mean there are youth gangs violent stabbings. Actually if memory serve me corectly murder is down but knife fights nad stabbings are up. But its these pictures of school lunches that are distressing?

Luckily the internet made a stink about it and  she was able to take her pictures again and rate her boring fucking lunches. as uninspiring as this lunch looks it better than a lot of lunches that get shoveled out to kids here I wont even post pictures or talk  about the public school lunch debacle in California with Jaime Oliver.


I hate censorship especially for somethings mutha fucking obvious, justified by asinine logic. How long before the two way television mad the editing out of information in your local news of an unperson


  1. yes, I read about the little girl being silenced by politicians. Her blog was amazing, tons of readers. AND was even impacting change. Terrible thing to shut her pictures down.


  2. Maybe I’m strange but for some reason when I was a kid I wanted to have the shitty school lunches like everyone else becasue i was tired of bringing the same lame ass sweaty soggy sandwhichs from home. :/ Apparently my parents weren’t in the lunch program … so I had to just sit and watch my classmates eat that oh so delicious drenched in oil pizza everyday!


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