Immigrants hating Immigrants and a Cool way to Keep Prisons Filled (1)

You can hate me now.. but I won’t stop now.. Cause I can’t stop now..

As an American I have noticed that for a nation of immigrants we on a whole really hate immigrants. I’ve tried to understand why being first generation here in America. There are some things though I have noticed though specifically nowadays we dislike certain types of immigrants. On the one hand poor immigrants take American job picking produces working in horrible deplorable factory conditions. A lot of industries depend on this steady pool of unskilled and unlettered people. Case and point fields of rotting produce with no one to pick them, after harsher new anti-immigration laws in Alabama. However other immigrants who come to this country from Europe with formidable skills  according to the rhetoric make serious contribution to the America Way of life.

Why The Hate

I  believe we hate immigrants because in part many of our families when they came over here got the ill treatment newer immigrants are getting now. It’s like children who were verbally and physically exposed to abuse are much more likely to be so to their own kids. If you look at the history of immigration here almost every group got the ill treatment when they arrived.

But I would like to point out that immigrant aren’t a homogeneous group of people. I may be wrong but an immigrant from Sweden is looked upon socially different than an immigrant from a sub-Saharan African country, than one from Mexico.



I dont really believe in all this melting pot nonsense. If America were truly a Meritocracy then I would say yeah a Sub-Saharan, latin American and Northern European if they each came to this country penniless and worked hard could strike it big, but I don’t believe that not for a second. Well I have always felt that there is a direct correlation between our foreign policy and immigration. Like for instance during the Cold War We gave a lot of weapons/money to certain groups of people to help in the fight against Communism, yet of course this had disastrous effects for the population of these countries. I would also go as far to say that we helped install some puppet governments, toppled some other government. Such behaviors in the long run displaces hordes of people, some of which believe the ideology expoused in our foreign policy rhetoric.

With that Said

Ok I have gotten all the serious stuff out of the way, now it’s time for some silly ideas about cool ways to use immigrants to keep prisons filled Stay tuned for part 2


    • It is such a strange concept when I was thinking about it a nation of immigrants that really hates immigrants More thoughts and things to write about, seem today Obama passed some new immigration bullshit daft move for re -election


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