WELCOME TO AMERICA – The Lies Travel Books Tell Tourist (1)

During the war on terror, there were many things about daily life that were changed forever. For instance some people thought that renaming French fries Freedom fries was a way of opening up serious social discourse with our allies about why they  didn’t go with us into Iraq. I also learned at this time that :

I eat to honor the freedom of others
  1. Every-time someone makes an Arabic Friend The terrorist win
  2. Critically questioning the policies of the Government such as asking why it is OK to strip civil liberties away, was wrong because doing so helped the terrorist win. In America there is only room for people who are for whatever the government wants to do, not agreeing amounts to treason and dissension
  3. Every time  an American gets scared of being attacked the terrorist win. it is my belief that the terrorist funded the SAW movie franchise

Now thing have gotten even more out of control. Why you say? Well I recently stumbled across an article  which  feeds lies to tourist wanting to visit America  this book must be funded by a consortium of enemies of the state namely: people who read, people who can think,Fundamental Terrorist who work tirelessly to tarnish the image of America. They are attempting to divide us and paint a horrible picture of the America I grew to love living in substandard living conditions in Brooklyn in the 1980’s

Flipping through a few of the many English-language tourist guides provides a fascinating, if non-scientific and narrow, window into how people from the outside world perceive America, Americans, and the surprises and pitfalls of spending time here. Of the many pieces of advice proffered, four of the most common are:

  • Eat with your fingers (sometimes),
  • Arrive on time (always),
  • Don’t drink and drive (they take it seriously here!),
  • and .. be careful about talking politics (unless you’ve got some time to spare).

But they say more than that in quite frank diction like they talk about slavery and the destruction of the native communities, and still ever present racial  sensitivities. I don’t know what boon US History they are reading to come with with the Idea that we are arrive on time to eat with our hands and avoid all talk on anything political. Check the stuff out

  1.  Lonely Planet urges caution when discussing immigration. “This is the issue that makes Americans edgy, especially when it gets politicized,” they write, subtly suggesting that some Americans might approach the issue differently than others. “Age has a lot to do with Americans’ multicultural tolerance.”
  2. Rough Guide doesn’t shy away from the fact that many non-Americans are less-than-crazy about U.S. politics and foreign policy, and encouragingly notes that many Americans are just as “infuriated” about it as visitors might be. Still, it warns that the political culture saturates everything, and that “The combination of shoot-from-the-hip mentality with laissez-faire capitalism and religious fervor can make the U.S. maddening at times, even to its own residents.

They even have the audacity to talk about our elections, Gays, and Inner City Violence

  1. Lonely Planet even offers a helpful tip for navigating the polarized politics, in which political truth can be hard to come by, particularly “during election cycles.” They recommend fact.check.org: “It’s a great resource for parsing truth from political bombast.”
  2. It is usually inappropriate to join a table already occupied by other diners, even if it has unused seats; Americans prefer this degree of privacy when they eat.
  3. Inner cities,” which are described with a terror that can feel a little outdated. “When driving, under no circumstances you should stop in any unlit or seemingly deserted urban area.

I’m offended as an American that we could be depicted such way, Stay tuned for part2 where I respond with ferocity to these claims

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