The Link Between Genetically Modified Food and Cannibalism

In a lab I can do some really cool stuff. I can transform bacteria with a gene from Jellyfish and make them glow in the dark like Charlie Sheen  after a crack binge.  I can take genes from one species and express them in another species:

  1. In 2006 a pig was engineered to produce omega-3 fatty acids through the expression of a roundworm gene.
  2. Researchers have also developed a genetically-modified breed of pigs that are able to absorb plant phosphorus more efficiently, and as a consequence the phosphorus content of their manure is reduced by as much as 60%.
  3. Breast Milk Producing Cows: In 2011, Chinese scientist have been breeding cows genetically engineered with genes for human beings to produce milk that would be the same as human breast milk.
  4. Goats that produce silk in their milk: A company called biosteel has genetically engineered goats to produce milk with strong spider web like silk proteins in their milk.
  5. Pigs that glow in the dark: In 2006 Taiwan scientist used genetic material from a jelly fish and implanted it into pigs embryos. The result was that depicted to the right, pigs that glow bright green in the dark. The pigs whole body including its internal organs glow green. In the daylight, these pigs have a slight tinge of green on their skin, snout and teeth.

The great thing about  Genetically Modified Foods is that no one knows their long term effect on the population and ecosystem. So we could be poisoning ourselves and the ecosystem for a profit without knowing how it will affect things down the road. But there is even a more dangerous  insinuation.


Soon everything will taste like chicken mostly because there will be a piece of chicken in everything, watermelon, inner city violence,  instant raisin walnut and date oatmeal, malt liquor, the watered down mimosa for the champagne brunch and Joan River’s face to name a few things.

The upside to this for me is that finally also the stigma that all Negros eat is chicken will be done away with. But the down side of everything of tasting like chicken,  is that  genetically modified organism and in turn genetically modified foods, delude us into believing that the reality of one stop shopping is not only real but well without our grasp.  Why pay for side dishes for a meal when your nice plate of dead animal can be part salad and maybe come stuffed with an age cheese that wrapped in a silk cloth both home-grown due to genetic modification? The only problem , the only thorn in the paw is the drug culture here in the USA. Drug warp peoples minds and sense of perception some people on drugs believe that:

  1. Having Vitamin C in Kool-Aid makes it healthy to drink
  2. The Knicks will win a Championship
  3. Kissing hookers on the mouth became stylish after the movie f Pretty Women hit big
  4. You really are what you eat

Recently two persons in particular took number 4 serious

Alex Kinyua, 21, a native of Kenya and a student at Morgan State University, admitted using a knife to kill and carve up 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie before eating his organs (brain and heart), the Harford County Sheriff’s Office said last week.

Rudy Eugene chewed the flesh off a homeless man’s face on Memorial Day weekend. Eugene first removed his own clothes and then tore off the trousers of his victim, 65-year-old Ronald Poppo.


It happens very  rarely  but I am  at  a loss for words. I couldn’t believe these two reports when I heard them on the news. It made me feel uneasy walking around the city. I mean seriously I wonder what could happen to people that would make them revert to savagery?While I was grappling to come to terms with this I saw everyone making jokes about a zombie apocalypse Which was of course was really mature and I feel a way of sidestepping the issue. I also wondering how is it  people with such tendencies are  walking the streets? 

I thought with this post  I  could find some sort of way to use these two incidents to look at the world around me and try to better understand it. Everything that happens I feel is a door  to learning. In reflecting on things I have come up with many interesting thoughts but ultimately I don’t think the world is and ever was something to understand as much as it is something to experience We’d like to imagine that as time goes one human society moves towards some point, that it is always evolving that the more recent civilization are more advanced than the one before it. I figure we must be the pinnacle of all civilization with our nuclear war heads,  striped toothpaste, reality show, war crimes, and drone strikes. As J Krishnamurthi had said we have progressed from the bullock cart to the Jet Plane but humanity hasn’t changed much in that time. I am still shocked by all of this by the violence in our homes in our society in the world. I’m still surprised how we continue to believe that all is ok and there is not something seriously wrong with our society.


  1. We are truly living inside Lord of the Flies, except the island is much bigger now and with millions of people. The aliens are sitting in their recliners, watching our Earth experiment and laughing their asses off.


  2. It is clear that people have once again progressed to the smaller side of human growth. But then to grow one would have to become bigger, or at least be willing to learn from our past. instead of going back to a time when to be human was just an idea of nature. A thing to come.


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