Why Im so Over FaceBook (1)

Facebook is a tool like anything else and tools are  like Don Quixote’s Windmills they can raise us up or bring us down back into the mire of a quotidian existence.  I use Facebook to promote my other blogs and keep in touch with my friends. Ive made friends on Facebook with some cool people, but the mass majority of the interactions there suck something awful.  Here are some examples:

the Plague of Small Mindedness

I re-posted the follow image on my Page, it made me chuckle.

Immediately the follow conversation transpired:

What a load of crap.

MrMary: Its an interesting quote and a bit over-zealous but a lil bit funny as a joke.  Are you saying its a load of crap because your a republican? or because you  dont find it funny?

Because it is untrue. If any party is the “give a man a fish” party, it is the Democrats. Personal responsibility is more of a Republican thing. And that part about teachers is a lie as well. Republics don’t vilify teachers, their issue is  with over-powerful unions that reward mediocrity and discourage excellent  teaching, ultimately wasting taxpayer money on underperforming teachers that are impossible to fire. More importantly, keeping awful teachers in the system ultimately fails the students that deserve better. Oh, and Socialism isn’t about  teaching a man to fish, it’s about taking fish away from the guy who took the  time to learn how to fish and giving them to those that didn’t.

MrMary: I dont think this was meant to be a factual statement as much as it is a joke, to many holes in the logic for it to be any kind of fact

I agree, but a joke should have at least some basis in reality to be funny.  Whomever wrote that doesn’t even understand what they are joking about

MrMary: I think that’s more a matter of taste in comedy. I feel if jokes had to have a basis  in reality there wouldn’t be as many comedians around. For example tons of straight dudes making gay dude jokes without any real knowledge of what its like to be gay,  and its funny etc. I think it always tough when it hits home, like for me when certain  comedians make black jokes I always say that what they are saying has no basis in reality,  and that they don’t understand what they are talking bout, etc

Since this dude is a Republican, and he identifies himself with Republican ideology, any joke about republicans are not cool. Since when do jokes have to have a basis is reality. Since when did human life have a basis in reality? When I make a joke  about putting my genitals in places where they normally shouldn’t be, like in Suzie for example, it’s not based in reality- we were both drunk.  The Thing here is that we give ourselves meaning through what we he have bought: clothing , houses, ideology, and of course we end up attaching ourselves to those things to the point that if someone makes a joke we get upset.

What’s stupid is that when I see these fuckers in person, they bring up what I post on my own page ? I got asked a question am I a liberal since I posted some anti republican stuff, to which I answered

“the only thing I’m liberal about is the KY stuff down your mom, seems raising you dried all her shit up” From the way she takes it I think you might have a  little Greek ancestry in your family…” (Sorry random song) – BTW I don’t see nothing wrong …

Extreme yes, but  I find Facebook is used as a means to reinforce our petty ideologies and project our inner conflicts onto people. Thus it a is a central node in the spreading plague of small mindedness.

The Putdown to Pick Up

You all know me, I don’t vote, I live and let live. I also like girls and booze. If you are black or white or Muslim or christian or atheist, or if you  think for some odd reason Skrillex is cool, I don’t really give a fuck. Do your thing be yourself. Unfortunately everyday  people have to put other people down to pick themselves up for instance….. I’ve seen this floating around for weeks….

This is an insult to multiple people. If you are an atheist and are an abusive oppressive asshole to someone else who is religious and leaves you the fuck alone then you need to be pimped slapped with baby powder.  let me give you an example:

Thats how I ride, well uhm never mind

I don’t like the missionary position, I was a with a girl that had a crater for a vagina, Thor couldn’t pull his hammer outta there lol  – just kidding I’m just a maverick (for the sake of this example). However if I went around every day putting down those who do so I can feel more confident about my supposedly maverick ways then I’m full of shit. (btw listen to this song by Ginuwine, it just came to mind since i started writing this part.)

Science is a career spent studying and research to understand the world around us. There have been scientist who were  atheist some who weren’t. Issac Newton the creator of Newtonian Physics and calculus was a theologian and alchemist while Stephen Hawking is an atheist – who gives a shit ?  The best scientist are those who are curious about how things works and why, belief in god has nothing to do with it. I work in the field take it from me. Science is always evolving and what we know at any one moment is a work in progress

People are Dicks myself included

Ultimately people are dicks. When my family was in dire poverty in 50’s the country where we come from, non-rapist priests gave them food clothing, really gave them a chance at life. Then there are sack tickling butt-raping priests. One of my ex gf’s was an atheist and she gave the best ..uhm gifts for the the err holiday season and yet Stalin was an atheist – he didn’t believe in gift giving. There were Japanese doctors and scientists who tortured scores of Chinese people during WW2, then there are actually doctors and scientist who risk their lives for people. At the end of the day I don’t think religion or science makes people evil or corrupts people’s minds. People hide behind stuff, and then to avoid accountability. Its easier to say Gangsta Rap made me do it then to admit one is a low-life etc Facebook allows us to be bigger dicks than normal since we have a larger audience than we normally would.

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