Tibetan Buddhism and the Accident on Queens Blvd & 84th Dr Today

It must have happened looking at the crowd a right when I stepped out of my house m by the time I got to main street I could see a car in the middle of what was a left handed turn to get onto 84th Dr from Queens Boulevard. Underneath the right side was a moped  and in front of the car was a Chinese delivery man. strewn about where the deliveries.  Before I could get closer an off duty medic flew past me and went to go brace the man’s neck and make sure he didnt move and look for signs of consciousness.

I took a moment to look at the crowd. There were young people and old people , people of all races.  It was a terrible tragedy. But you know what, at that time no one was talking about immigration,  no one was talking about asian stereotypes. We were all together concerned for the guy.

And that what gets me.  In times of crisis, in that moment no one cares about politics, no one cares what his race, sexual orientation, age, legal status. We just see a man hurt who needs help.

A great friend  of mine who practices Tibetan Buddhism used to tell me that in this plane of existence that we inhabit,  we learn through loss and suffering. At higher planes of existence we don’t have to learn through such methods but here we do. See everyone surrounding this fallen guy, lifeless for  a good 20 minutes brought that old old memory back.

It’s not place to say what i feel about other planes of consciousness or  this life and the next etc. But I can say from being here in 9/11 that in the heat of the moment there was such an outpouring of compassion that was moving. A few days later of course everything was back to normal around the country and anyone who looked Muslim or Middle Eastern got harassed and in some cases beaten and shot.

What do you think? Do we learn through suffering and loss? Do we only appreciate something after it is taken away?


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  1. Great post again. I think we do learn from suffering and loss because it brings us all back to the essential, base levels of life and death. Regardless of what ethnicity you are, regardless of your religious preference; life and death are universal to us all and brings us each a little closer to each other. I’m not a cracker when I’m laying near dead in the street, I’m just another human. I think, in the pursuit of life, too many people forget that we are all just humans and we are all just part of the Matrix. Sorry, had to add that in there.


    • Its all good man I love the matrix references. Its the truth that we learn from loss and suffering. Sometimes I wish we could learn without all the suffering. It troubles me that sometimes i dont appreciate stuff till I get a beat down from life


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