Creating a new Holiday for 2159: An Unusual Memorial Day Reflection

First off, when I was a kid violence at high school with heavy minority population was quite normal. No one was surprised when inner city school started installing metal detectors on campus. Of course this trend was stolen from the minorities and made mainstream with the horrific Columbine HighSchool Massacre.

Rock and Roll the quintessential American genre of music emerged as a defined musical style in the early to mid 1950s. It derived most directly from the rhythm and blues music of the 1940’s – Rhythm and Blues in case you didn’t know is a genre of popular African-American music that originated in the 1940. The basic pattern here is:

  1. Minorities in the US do and have been doing something for a long time in their communities (e.g lets say a certain type of music )
  2. What every they are doing gets derided and looked down upon (I believe the term for Ray Charles Music was Jungle music, same applied to Hip-HopRap)
  3. Someone realizes it can be repackage and gussied up a little bit and then sold to make some money
  4. They everyone forgets in time where stuff started and no credit is forth coming to the Original minority communities where the trend in Question Start

Where this trend began

Through some careful work while hung over I have traced this trend to about one hundred and forty seven years ago. Tis trend started on May 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC, after a group of African-Americans, mostly former slaves, gave 257 Union soldiers a proper burial. The black community in Charleston then consecrated the new cemetary with “an unforgettable parade of 10,000 people,” led by 3,000 black school children. It was initially called “Decoration Day.”

One thing let to another and of course today I have a day off. I’m sitting at my desk in my old most comfortable boxers with the holes in them. My bits and pieces are all hanging out  kind of like the fruit on the shelves of your grocery story. It Memorial Day, the one day of the year we  remember our Fallen soldiers who died to  give me this freedom to BBQ and drink watered down American beer with impunity. I am not going to bullshit you I’m mean we are enjoying each other’s company even though all my snackage is out to the sounds of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer playing in the background- which is the clearest sign of friendship, not the Elton John song though man meat and Elton  have a lot in Common (thats his call name)

The Source of My Mixed Feelings

Well you see America Has been at War for 209 years, which of the Wars were fought for my freedom, let’s see :

Did notice how the concept of war changed?  There are no wars after Vietnam. The outcry was so bad against Vietnam  so many people against it that it was decided to use the world Operation. A War is a drawn out campaign an Operation is quick and easy an impersonal and there is no need to examine our ideology or change it. Smart move.  I don’t think Vietnam declared war on the US,  Vietnam beign a former french colony was at war with the french who they decisive beat at the battle of Dien Bien Phu the US sort of jumped in, huge amount resources at stake, namely rubber.

Of course this list is incomplete. As a Haitian American I wonder if I should honor those soldiers who took over Haiti in my grand parent and great grandparents generation and committed many crimes and atrocities against the people.  I also wonder if I should celebrate the US War Industrial Complex that has armed  death squads in Latin America, who trained Bin Laden, Who armed many of the Guerilla faction in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets and then Left them without infrastructure direction or food. Do you see my confusion? and on top of that I am the greatest patriot of my generation

 A lot of the conflicts we seem to be involved in don’t seem to really be to answer direct threats to the American People more so  they seem to pander and cater to both American style imperialism and  Neo-Colonialism.

The Solution

The Most American thing to do in time of deep reflection is to BBQ. I do not have a back yard, or meat to BBQ unless a pretty girl wants to slowly let of a handful of Peppermint Altoids dissolve away in her mouth before hand – well you can’t blame me what man wouldn’t like a dry rub, slow marination, and slow hot heat :-).

I am going to start a new trend that 147 years from now may develop into another day off for my future descendants. I need to start off with some facet of the USA daily life that is a bit unfair that involves minorities ….  got it: The Stop and Frisk. On a random day in August I will stop and frisk a rather good looking woman of a race different from mine. There is a lot of bravery involved in doing so because I will go for it only armed with charmed and  enough money in my wallet for two subway rides. Yes my dears I will be going in (both literally and figuratively) without having to pay for dinner first or gifts, the same enthusiasm that cops stop and frisk black and latinos, because the thrill of possibly violating constitutional rights is frankly fun. This small act a hundred or so years from now will give us the Interracial Tolerance Day. On this day we honor inter-racial couples all over the US by frisking members of the opposite sex of a race other than our own. If all goes to plan there will be no need for meat (it may already be in your mouth), gathering in the backyard (unless you’re both exhibitionists) and who cares about sides when you’re already working on a mouthful ? Everyone will forget the original discriminatory act that polarized the reaction to stop and frisk and all will be right with the world.


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