I dont mean to make fun of someone’s Pain but….

If I told you that Former porn star Jenna Jameson crashed into a pole what would be the first thing you would think. If You are like me,you may say

Her throat probably has the look and or texture of the asphalt outside the Holland Tunnel – worn and cracked from use ( that nothing to do really with anything that is just some stuff I’d say)

She should have figured out she’d be crashing into a lot of pole when her character name in the script was “Rotisserie”

Didn’t she quit porn, is this pole she crash into like a chaser….

Breaking News

The little catholic school High School kid in me laughed when I read that  porn superstar Jenna Jameson was booked by police on suspicions of drunk driving after she ran her car into a pole at about 1:30am Friday morning. She refused medical treatment for minor injuries sustained in the crash, according to the gossip website. Jameson allegedly failed a field sobriety test, though it is not clear where the accident took place, and police around her home in Huntington Beach, California denied having made the arrest.



MrMary Can’t stop,
cuz He won’t Stop


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