Could Slap this person to get 5-10 years back, and the speech every man gives his son

Thursday Brian Bank’s rape conviction was dismissed. His accuser, who last year sent Banks a message on Facebook suggesting that they “let bygones be bygones,” had been videotaped saying she lied about being raped. Wanetta Gibson’s previous statements to police about the alleged 2002 incident had been the only evidence against Banks — there was no physical evidence that Banks had raped her. With the change in her story, prosecutors and a judge agreed, there was no case.

This Dude was a former high school football star until he was accused of and convicted of rape. He was a labeled a registered sex offender, spent five years in prison, five years of probation and wearing an electronic monitoring device. he wasn’t able to get a job. His dream of playing in the NFL destroyed, possibly forever.  Basically he was robbed of a lot.

I personally would be a bit bitter, or would want to slap this lady. Not only for that but for the fact that: her family had been granted a $1.5 million legal judgment from the Long Beach, Calif., public school system because she had claimed the rape happened on school property. She doesn’t want to repeat what she said  on the video for the authorities because she doesn’t wanna loose that money.

The Speech I got When I hit Puberty

My pops and basically every older dude I knew told me the equivalent of what Snoop said in ’94 can’t love these ho’s. Basically I was told to watch out because some girls will try to trip you up, in court it’s your words against hers and your word is meaningless. The same was said of divorce too, a lady will try to take all your shit that you worked hard for. I don’t know much about the generation of men before me but there seemed to be a lot of bitterness.

I didn’t really believe that people could be so malicious until I went out into the real world. This case I was really naive until  I went out into the real world. People can be that malicious.

Judging Others

I was talking to a friend about this, and I said something like and excuse my language: “Dat bitch needs to be locked up and thrown under the jail“. I was immediately reproached and ask: “You cant judge her or anyone else because I don’t know and I haven’t been in the girls shoes.” Unfortunately I had to shut ym female friend down and let her know this is not a knock against independent women or any of those Destiny’s Child or Beyonce song. This is someone lying and  an innocent man losing his dreams  and 10 years of his life.

What do you think ? lemme know

(I am totally against violence in all shapes and form, I was angry when I read this and said that she should be slapped)

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  1. That story–and any story of recanted “rape” breaks my heart. It happens all the time, on a variety of levels. I think everyone probably knows a custody battle story where the woman made false–but damaging– charges against the father. I don’t mean to single out the ladies, because cruelty know no gender, but in many ways, when they lie in these instances, there are little or no consequences.


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