Question for my Female Readership: Why is this Bitch Trying to Kill You ?

I was walking around Manhattan yesterday, a few places actually: Alphabet City, Union Square,  Upper West Side and  I managed to hear some funny conversation but the one theme, the on thing I heard over and over again, irregardless of race, creed, age and sexual orientation was:


It seems that there is one women who lives  to make another woman’s life hell by doing one or all of the following

  1. Looks at , talks to, dreams about, has made a fictitious  character in her bullshit self published novel about, YOUR BF
  2. She went for the same pair of shoes that You did at the Sneaker king on 14th and Broadway even though her fat ass feet cant fit in them and might as well wear the boxes seeing how big her fucking feet are
  3. She Smile at you, but at the last second you recognised that smile was a bit snarky – that cashier at WholeFood does know who she is fucking with.
  4. She is alive and breathes and that is enough for you to hate her, imagine the insolence… she pretends like she doesn’t know her breathing and staying alive is’nt killing you
  5. She walked into the bar like she owns the place
  6. She wore a cardigan over a bullshit outfit, and to top it off her flats clearly were a knock off of some other more popular flats that even you cant afford, but you have the decency not to wear knock off because your mom raised you right
  7. She cut in front of you thought technically you left the line to check out  this pair of skinny jeans that looked good from far away but when u went up close you didn’t like the stitching or it looked off with the bedazzling round the pockets and ran back to the line …etc
  8. She goes to yoga and is vegan and think she is better than everyone because her colon is cleaner
  9. She eat like a trucker and stay skinny
  10. She eats like a trucker and looks like it too
  11. She scares the guys away whenever you go out even thought she makes you look like a 10 when your normally a 4
  12. She wore the same outfit you have
  13. Though it hasn’t been proven in a court of law she is a slut  and is moving in on your business

Questions for my Female Readership

While I could go on, why Should I?  Ladies is there really another lady out there ready and willing to destroy you? Is it safe to assume that you are out to destroy another lady ? I have my own theory about this, but can a lady explain why ?


      • Yea glad you noticed it lol…..just read your latest post on the whole Chris Rock thingy…interesting but i dont know what all the uproar is about…i dont think i get it


      • Its much ado about nothing. I took it his tweet as a reminder that in 1776 when america celebrated the drafting the declaration of independence and its “freedom” from Great Britan, that slaves were not really free. I think it is a bit ironic that we have forgot that not all Americans enjoy the freedoms through the 200+ years of our national history. Supposedly it was un-American to

        1. Call it a White Peoples Holiday
        2. Remind everyone when they are busy drink Miller 64 and packs of dead animals about our history.
        3. It is also hypocritical some say because he is worth 70 million dollars and he cannot criticize the system since he made money from it.

        People are taking this really seriously. I dont think he attacked America jsut pointed to an ironic fact anyways I am black and worth 7$ so maybe my vision is skewered


      • I see…i guess it was a joke gone bad. I am black with a strange accent and worth about 30 cents :). So i am perhaps blind in this area. People need to calm down…bigger issues to worry about. I guess it is a sensitive issue to dabble into, he said what he felt…we don’t all have to agree with it…but it’s his opinion on his own timeline…Thanks for clarifying it for me


      • ooo What kind of accent you got?

        Yeah its a sensitive issue but i think people’s reaction to it tells a lot about how we perceive ourselves as a nation and how ultimately unable we are to really come together and look objectively at our history. That’s kind of sad to me especially since I am the greatest Patriot of my Generation. We are still very much so a divided nation. I love being America but I love being honest too and those two loves should never be in conflict, like a good polygamous Mormon marriage.


      • Ha ha like a good polygamous Mormom, great comparison. I am Nigerian, but i have been told i sound british. The british colonized my people lol. You are right, it speaks to a deeper truth. It’s amazing that in a time like this, we are still so divided whether as Americans or as a people collectively…


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