According to the NY Times , African-American women enjoy being overweight

As a Black Man the first serious life lesson I learned was that Malt Liquor in hard times does something, aside from make me apathetic to the struggles of the day, was really economical. For $2 or less I could get  40 oz of St Ides or Old English. I second thing I learned was to never ever ever speak for a black women or generalize about black women.

I personally find it funny to read articles such as this one in the NY TIMES entitled Black Women and Fat by ALICE RANDALL, that there are black men who begged there spouses not to lose “the sugar down below” when they embarked on a weight-loss program. I thought I would take time away from my being a low-life miscreant dying to spend what’s left of my youth getting ass-raped and of course ass raping others in a prison shower, to give you my perspective on a few things


As a man I think about, if my lady gets sick can I carry her to to safety, am I strong enough to protect her from all sorts of danger? Can I fight a drunken crazy crack head on the 2 train into the Bronx to protect her. So I work out to stay fit for my own health, and also to be useful around the house etc, the old fashion man stuff I got taught. I wanna be able to carry my son or baby  girl around and not use these weird body wraps I see effeminate guys use. I used to lift heavy at the gym 600lbs squat, 550 dead-lift , 500 lb bench however just because I could bench that much didn’t mean I wanted  a 3-500 lbs women to date.  I want a mate that’s healthy that will be with me for a while, someone to get old with

Within reason, I can only really appreciate heavy breathing when I am the cause of it. If walking to the kitchen to eat another tub of Cool Whip gets you winded or if trying to maneuver to find a way to wipe yourself after a number two get you sweaty and tired then I can’t roll with that.

Each women is different, in terms of temperament, body type, her love of Law and Order Criminal Intent. Some women are healthy and aren’t a size 6. Some are healthy and a size 0. Different ethnic groups have different features and of course different dudes like different things.

There are many reasons why obesity and hypertension for instance are problematic to Americans and also African Americans in General. Like any complex social issue we need data, studies done and action on both the individual and national level (and also everything in between)

It seems that my love for spelunking the female vaginal orifice doesn’t qualify me as a feminist. As a result I have no idea what  the following means:

To get a quick introduction to the politics of black fat, I recommend Andrea Elizabeth Shaw’s provocative book “The Embodiment of Disobedience: Fat Black Women’s Unruly Political Bodies.” Ms. Shaw argues that the fat black woman’s body “functions as a site of resistance to both gendered and racialized oppression.” By contextualizing fatness within the African diaspora, she invites us to notice that the fat black woman can be a rounded opposite of the fit black slave, that the fatness of black women has often functioned as both explicit political statement and active political resistance.

(WTF- does that mean)

Seriously Though

This article generated a lot of talk and discussion and of course and jokes. For that reason  I am glad the author wrote the article , however I don’t fully agree with her logic and reasonings.  Research has found that there is a positive association between race and obesity (black women are more likely to be obese than either white or Asian women), and there is a correlation between neighborhood poverty and segregation and obesity. I would have liked to see that discuss more and how we might address those issues. Randall asserts that  obese black women  are enveloped in a culture that affirms their obesity – the extent to which is true I cannot ascertain and would like to read more about that. I didn’t like how she used the statistics in her article they didn’t seem to be valid. Like for instance saying that  4/5 black women are obese is one thing, telling us the associated age demographics with that, the sample size, what is being defined as obese could help us place those stats in an appropriate context.  According to the CDC and, the obesity rate for black women is only 44-50%. there are many more issues I can point out with the presentation of information and perhaps the lack of fact checking.

yeah I think that it, Tell me what you think


  1. I’m a little suspicious of obesity statistics in general. I think the healthcare industry (as well as the low-cal food industry and a plethora of others) has a vested interest in making Americans buy into the “obesity epidemic.” (I’m not saying that we’re not getting fatter–that’s self-evident, but I think the movement is more of a canard).

    I don’t know how to feel about the idea that obesity has greater acceptance in the black community than among other races. If true, I think it’s positive that these women may suffer less fat-discrimination and its attendant hardships, but I worry that accepting obesity leads to even more complacency.

    So having said all that, I don’t really know what to think. I’m glad people are talking about it, though.


    • Thanks for your comment!

      Yeah I didn’t know what to make of the article, I didn’t know what to think. I’m glad it got the discussion going though. It seems a bit sensationalist and jsut has me shaking my head a lot. Hope you are well



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