The downside of Social Media Is Facebook Making Us Lonely (2)

Without a doubt we are a consumer society. Everything  revolves around consuming. I feel the system is designed to keep us continually buying i mean look at the sale through the year,

  1. New Years Sale
  2. Labor Day Sale
  3. Christmas Sale
  4. Thanksgiving Sale
  5. Memorial Day Sale
  6. Valentine Day Sale
  7. Presidents Day Sale
  8. Easter/Spring Sale
  9. Going back to school Sale
  10. Veterans Day Sale
  11. Fourth of July Sale
  12. Mother’s Day Sale
  13. Father’s Day Sale
  14. Presidents Day Sale

Basically every month there is a special day when stuff we don’t really need, but want is on sale just for us .  We need stuff to give our personal life meaning. Our hand bags (not scrotums, actual handbags) cars and all the stuff we get  are a means through which we project the image of ourselves  we want others to see.

Facebook isn’t Working Alone

Facebook doesn’t make people lonely, just like guns don’t kill people, knives don’t stab people, AIDS doesn’t go and look for victims, and sexy plump lips don’t blow people,  there has to to be a willing participant.

The precedent has been long established, there are the have’s and the have-not’s and supposedly everyone wants to be one of the have’s. To be a have one has to have a certain amount of money, certain accoutrements. You may be surprised to know that some of the earliest proponents of the SAT were virulent racists and antiSemites. And it goes without saying at that stage, misogynists.  Don’t quote me, but I believe that the test came up as a means to exclude people from attending certain traditionally WASPY universities.

Everyone here runs on Dunkin (Dunkin Donuts) and on systematic exclusion. At no point really do they want disparate groups of people to come together, then it would be hard to pit liberals and against moderate, the Christian Right with the Christian Left. The basic driving engine of the exclusion is the carrot and stick systems, the carrot are the things we desire and feel we want and deserve and the cultural that comes with it.

I personally don’t think Facebook is making us lonely per say, I think the way our society is structure creates the conditions for isolation from others ideologically, physically socially  and estrangement from self. We work longer hours for shorter pay, have to commute more for better jobs. We have increasing high rates of depression overall and 20% increase in autism in children today, we are so fat we cant get off the couch and  hang and when we do its sounds like a mature porn gang bang with all the creaky joints and  heavy breathing and interspersed with the sound of strollers and canes falling down.

I think with Facebook and social media many things are more visible, like the lonely and narcissistic trends that have become more and more prevalent and effusive.

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