The downside of Social Media Is Facebook Making Us Lonely (1)

I was shaving,  my scrotum that is, well because YOLO, and it’s in with the ladies, not my scrotum but shaving it (to stuff everything in would be,  on a scale of 1 to ten with 10 being  the greatest number of sick-days needed to recover a 4).

That’s when it struck me, firstly don’t use old electric razors, and third not to put alcohol on the cut. Also Social media is a oxymoronic statement the nature of social media is to isolate and ostracize under the guise of being social. It seems whenever I am working on, with or for my genitals I get inspired to think differently about things. But before I give you my take on things here is something from an article by Stephen Marche on the Atlantic called:

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

Well before Facebook, digital technology was enabling our tendency for isolation, to an unprecedented degree. Back in the 1990s, scholars started calling the contradiction between an increased opportunity to connect and a lack of human contact the “Internet paradox.”

This article raises some interesting points but this blog, this article is all about me so screw what they say. But here are some interesting points raised:

  1. Sherry Turkle, from her 2011 book, Alone Together: “These days, insecure in our relationships and anxious about intimacy, we look to technology for ways to be in relationships and protect ourselves from them at the same time.” The problem with digital intimacy is that it is ultimately incomplete: “The ties we form through the Internet are not, in the end, the ties that bind. But they are the ties that preoccupy,” she writes. “We don’t want to intrude on each other, so instead we constantly intrude on each other, but not in ‘real time.’
  2. Self-presentation on Facebook is continuous, intensely mediated, and possessed of a phony nonchalance that eliminates even the potential for spontaneity. Curating the exhibition of the self has become a 24/7 occupation. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the Australian study “Who Uses Facebook?” found a significant correlation between Facebook use and narcissism: “Facebook users have higher levels of total narcissism, exhibitionism, and leadership than Facebook nonusers,” the study’s authors wrote. “In fact, it could be argued that Facebook specifically gratifies the narcissistic individual’s need to engage in self-promoting and superficial behavior.”

Mrmary’s Take

I have my own take on things but where the article and I converge is with the fact that: loneliness and narcissism are intimately connected. Narcissism is the head on a coins who’s other side is loneliness. Both conditions are a retreat from the messy reality of other people.

I personally see that in a consumerist society where the public sphere is used to sell commodities, and by commodities I mean here goods of course, but also ideologies political, religious etc it is important to divide the population into different groups and demographics that way selling and proselytising can be made more efficient. Once people are hooked on buy things they don’t have money for then it awesome for businesses. You can lobby politicians  and keep things going for you how you want it

to be continued………….

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  1. I had a similar thought while shaving as well. Not my scrotum, but my labia of course. Anyhoo, you nailed this. We conduct the bulk of our social our lives behind a screen of some variety, then complain because we lack valid interpersonal connections with one another. It’s absurd, and probably the reason I have no Facebook account.


    • I’m sure if you had a scrotum it would be all kinds of awesome and good looking just like yourself. i have a facebook account and at some point it was cool, then it was like why do I want to connect with this mutha fuckers I enjoyed not hearing anything from. its an absurd farce like you said. Hope you are well 🙂


  2. Sadly, I think too many people are seeking unhealthy validation that comes from social networking. I think we are all guilty of it to some degree. I love it when people “like” my posts or status and comment. But I think for many people, social media is strictly validation for what is missing in their lives. (great pic of Rick Ross, but do you know about the real Freeway Ricky Ross who the rapper copied? It’s a great story)


    • Yeah I agree with you, there is unhealthy need for validation and feeling ok with oneself. I think also like you say we need it, we need to be acknowledge and appreciated, its part of being emotionally healthy, I think people try to overcompensate a lot though for lack of validation through this narcissistic focusing on themselves and what they want. Ultimately they end up with stretch marks around their mouth and rubber bands on theirs ankles so you can feel something when Your going in but….


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