The Blurred line between being famous and Infamous (A preview of a coming Series)

It’s taken a few years but we have eradicated the prefix IN in Infamous. Now one can be famous for doing public ally what in my parents day would have been considered infamous.

Case and Point:

(What I liked about this plan was of course that it applies for any gender race or economic status, there is always someone higher up (literally) who guards the coffers, as you know they are always filled up at least balls deep (in this case) ….)

Kim Kardashian resting/stretch her mouth in the Sun as part of a new regiment to erase fellatio inspired stretch mark at the corner of her mouth

Join me, Mr Mary weeknight this upcoming week as we delve into the world of Super Stardom and Fame in a series Id Like to call:

The Sore throat of Infamy and Celebrity in America.

Secrets will be revealed and  techniques shared to get yourself either famous or some extra bucks

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