I called It, Manny Pacquiao is a Bitch: Pacquiao denounces anti-gay allegations

Due to pieces like the one I wrote before Hot off the Presses: Manny Pacquiao unloads over Barack Obama Gay Porn Style Manny Pacquiao was forced to reveal in public his inner bitch.

Hot off the Presses

Pacquiao was banned from a popular Hollywood shopping mall after the article was publicized Tuesday, and an online petition encouraging sponsor Nike Inc. to drop Pacquiao received 4,868 signatures before it was suspended Wednesday morning. The petition site, change.org, posted a note saying that the author of the original article had clarified that Pacquiao didn’t cite the Bible passage.

It seems that when people start talking reckless, about shit they should be talking about, and there is a backlash that may hurt their wallets, there inner bitch that comes out. It makes sense that Pacquiao would change his position. By being a boxer and politician at the same time there probably will be some prison time, and no matter how good a boxer he is  he cant knock out10 prisons who are intent on making him toss their salad. So its best to back down a bit.  We all like rotisserie chicken we all don’t want to be the victim of being rotisserie’d in prison over a spit of ballsack and crotchial heat (yeah I just coined that their crotchial hear). Well I dont want to at least.

Double Speak

Boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao says some weird thing which I think are insincere:

  • Pacquiao said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press that he doesn’t support gay marriage because of his Roman Catholic beliefs. But he said he has gay friends and relatives, and supports their rights.

I thought marriage was a legal right. It’s funny to support the rights of his gay friend and relatives but not their right to marry. I think if Roman Catholics don’t wants gays to get married  they should close their doors to them like they do the homeless on the cold winter night, ignore them like they do the kids who are victims of sodomy. In an American court of Law I am not sure what religion has to do with any human rights!!!!

  • “My favorite verse in the Bible is ‘Love one another,’ and ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself,'” Pacquiao said. “It’s in the Bible: Do not judge. I’m not judging.”

I don’t know whats worse:  how people misconstrue the word judgement, or how they openly admit to not think for themselves and using a book to guide their lives. Doing it doggy style isn’t in the bible or snorting blow isn’t in the bible, and Im pretty sure boxing for money isn’t in the Bible either but I’m pretty sure when Pacquiao was done boxing, snorting blow he was stuffing chicks doggy style like Christmas time at the UPS store.

Final thoughts

Pacquiao chuckled at the knowledge that his words — even words he said he didn’t say — carry more weight than those of an average athlete because of his political aspirations.

You see Pacquiao has political aspirations, he is congressman, representing the Sarangani province in the Philippines’ House of Representatives since May 2010.

Manny  is experiencing a new-found passion for his religion and has socially conservative views in line with many Filipinos’ beliefs.  While that is true, if I was  a gay Filipino, I would be writing Manny Pacquiao letters asking him to give me a kiss, because I like to be kissed when I being fucked.

My homey, The Sandy Tongue said it best:

Isn’t it amazing how the media has a made a dude who hits other dudes in the head worth something? I give Manny credit though, he is acting 100% like a great Southern Baptist. I would love to see Mayweather beat his ass.

I would trust Sylvester Stallone as a politician. Like Pacquiao he is used to bullshitting in front of a camera, but unlike Pacquiao he has the decency to not take the role he is playing seriously. BTW Art doesn’t imitate life, in Rocky a brain dead speech challenged boxer  has enough coordination and grey matter to sorta run a  restaurant after his career is over. But here we have Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao a brain dead speech challenged boxer who some how is a politician  and he believe that his enthusiasm for Jesus give him the right to spew his agenda outside of the places where he banged all those whores.

I think secretly when he was high on blow Pacquiao sack tickled and got sacked tickled by a tranny and since then he doesn’t approve same sex marriage because he cant get the taste of man-milk, lint and ball sweat out of his head.

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  1. What a giant vagina. If someone is going to say what they believe in, stick with it. But I give him credit, he’s showing signs of a becoming a true politician.


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