Some Thoughts on Religion from the Dude Behind the Dude Behind MrMary

I make satirize religion a lot.  There are some things which are so easy to satirize that it doesn’t take much skill to make a joke about it. Religion is one of those things for me. I would like to in this post put the satire to rest for a bit, take off the MrMary costume and just talk, speak out loud for a little bit on the topic of religion.

Atheism and Theism & Everything in Between

‘Is there a God?’ is one of those big philosophical questions everyone must ask themselves I think once in their life. For some  the answer is clear cut whether it’s the affirmative or the negative.

Its been my philosophy that a person’s religious or non religious belief are their own business. Inquiring into another’s belief system is like asking a stranger what’s there favorite sexual position. It’s inappropriate. I have endeavored always to be hospitable towards everyone regardless of race color creed gender. When I see people I see people, I don’t see Democrats or Republicans, Theists or Atheists, Black or White etc I just see people. I have friends and acquaintances that span the whole spectrum. Plus I’ve always felt one should be about something not talk about something.

For example my telling you or a someone telling you that I am a nice person is meaningless, it is empty. If I am a nice person it should show in my actions. At the end of the day what matters is that one is trying to be a decent human being, or at least that I am trying to be a decent human being.

My Issue is With Hypocrisy

I have an issue with hypocrisy and insincerity.  I don’t worry or care about heaven or hell or eternity who has the time for that? I worry about living the now. Hell cant be much worse than the headlines you see in the paper today, death destruction , estrangements, oppression poverty hunger, dying of thirst for water of course and for a chance to live.

I personally am glad my parents weren’t religious, it would have fucked with my style. I love as you know learning, and science. I am a scientist after all. To me it is one’s responsibility to be thoroughly educated which is why I have always sat down with anyone who was willing to sit with me and talk drug addicts, ex con, religious people, non religious.

I met someone the other day that does read anything outside the religious books prescribed them because it could make them Godless.  I met another person who only read the bible. They are both nice people but in my view blinkered that amount to putting one’s head in the sand and spreading ones butt-checks – i.e. asking for pain.

How I deal with it

What someone chooses to follow is there own business and I have no ask or talk or criticize that. If someone though is telling school not to teach evolution which has helped our understand of the world around us, and is helping in drug vaccine design, then that person needs to be slapped up. When someone is talking about being kind to others and is hiding a child molester, or hiding himself or herself in someone, or when someone who doesn’t have to worry about rent, a nagging wife, bills and trying to get laid between nagging you cannot really be an example for anyone to follow.

There is a line in Julius Caesar that is really pertinent: The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones”.  I personally think religion is a hierarchical cultural institution and have been used to commit horrible atrocities.  I know when my fathers family was living in Haiti in abject poverty they gave them food to eat, a great education and many many great things. When I was younger and my mom lost her job, some nuns we knew helped her get a new job. No one can deny history and the abuses of the religion, but we should represent it accurately as well I think. I’m all about accuracy.

Now that I am thinking aloud I also kind of feel that human beings have very much warlike tendencies and that even in the absences of  religion we would go to war. I think WW1 and WW2, Vietnam, Korea, The Napoleanic Wars, The Cold WarAmerican Civil War, Boxer rebellion, French Algerian War, Colonial conflict weren’t religious wars per say.

Seriously though

I don’t have any definitive answers other than live and let live as long as your living does interfere with another’s. If two guys wanna butter each other up, and take turns being slip-N-slided in the ass then so be it. It doesn’t affect me one bit. If someone wants to believe in Jesus, or follow the Middle Path of Buddha, or doesn’t believe in God it’s cool my grape Kool Aid is still sweet and chock full of vitamin and dyes an other poisons. I know what I believe and am cool with it, I don’t need anyone to believe what I believe or hold my hand, or

Our society is facing some serious issues hunger, poverty, an ever-widening gap between rich and poor and it requires mature individuals to deal with it. Not people who worry about what people do in the privacy of their own home with their own bodies.

I look at politics and see so many times it’s a petty game, a child’s argument. It’s basically: “This person is different from me and I want to exclude them in some way from doing something and justify doing so with bullshit reasoning “.  I dunno, Ive always agreed with the following from Zappa.

I think as bloggers we are in a way supposed to welcome this live and let live attitude. I get a boner every-time I get to interact with someone new or get pushed outside my comfort zone and I welcome all people who want to talk .

Anyways that’s all I gots 🙂

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  1. This is one my favorite posts of yours. It’s great. Religious hypocrisy is one of my favorite topics.


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